Best Acoustic Electric Guitars 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Jameson2. Glen Burton3. Fender
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The acoustic guitar is arguably the most widely used and celebrated instrument around the world. It is exceptionally versatile, as it allows you to do almost anything from a musical standpoint. Not only does the right acoustic guitar give you great tones and a quality sound overall, but you can also use the same to mix in some spicy percussion as well using the wood space. All of this collectively makes the acoustic guitar a hugely popular instrument, and that is why we are focussing on this instrument and its intricate aspects in our discussion in this article today.

The best acoustic electric guitars can not only lay claim to higher levels of excellence when it comes out sound quality, but they also have to be very user friendly. The current market has many choices when it comes to acoustic electric guitars, and the rapid development in technological innovations over the last few years have only compounded this situation. Thus, if you are someone who is struggling to make a choice with all of these guitars floating in the market, we are here for your help.


Over the course of this article, we will try to get the best idea of all of the different aspects that go into making an acoustic electric guitar worth your investment. We will also give you a list of some of the best acoustic electric guitars that can be found on Amazon right now.

And, we will assess whether these are good enough for you to take a chance on them. Hopefully by the time we are done, you can finally be in a position to get the best acoustic electric guitar at the right price in the market as soon as possible.

What Is An Electro Acoustic Guitar And Do You Need It?

A lot of people don’t seem to understand the differences between a classic acoustic guitar and an electro acoustic guitar. The difference really is not that vast, and the pair of them are separated by one small element of hardware performing a particular function. This is basically nothing but the aspect of being able to plug in your instrument on an amplifier.

So if you are looking to amplify or record the sound of your guitar, then an acoustic electric or an electro-acoustic, whichever way you put it, is your ideal choice. On the other hand, if you want to have a more organic sound and then amplify that using a standard microphone, then you can just go for an acoustic only.

The way an acoustic guitar without all of the electronics applications functions, is quite straightforward. The instrument primarily relies on the vibration of the body in order to project the sound effectively. Whenever the acoustic guitar comes with a preamp and a pickup system, then it is transformed into what is essentially known as an electro acoustic guitar.

This system allows the player to use an amplifier to project the natural sound of the guitar. Apart from this, it also enables the player to plug in their instrument into a good audio interface to record the sound or even use various kinds of advanced functions to elevate the texture and quality of the sound to a different level altogether.

This is achieved by giving you the chance to add various special effects to the sound, such as reverb, delay and chorus among countless others. All of these functions help a great deal in improving the overall versatility of your guitar playing and allow you to explore the full range of your musical potential.

If you are a newbie looking to buy one of your first ever acoustic guitars, then you will be happy to know that on a fundamental level, the electro acoustic is nothing but a more furnished acoustic guitar that has electronic applications added to it.

This means that even if you don’t have major plans for playing your instrument while it’s plugged in, there’s absolutely no issues with it whatsoever. Your guitar will be able to function as a perfectly stable acoustic guitar in that scenario.

Therefore, ultimately, there is not much difference between an acoustic and an electro acoustic. For this reason, you don’t need to worry too much and ponder about which one is better suited for you.

The only aspect which you need to pay attention to while choosing an acoustic electric guitar, is that it generally costs a little bit more, as compared to your most run of the mill acoustic guitars. There are additional costs that manufacturers need to consider, because of the things such as preamps and pickups in the case of an electro acoustic guitar.

What Should You Look For In An Ideal Acoustic Electric Guitar?

Arguably, the most important thing that determines the kind of guitar you buy will ultimately come down to a matter of your budget. However, nowadays a lot of really economical and highly affordable guitars are being produced in the market.

Many of the modern acoustic electric guitars that are found in the market today have their own uniquely designed electronic systems. In most of these systems and most of these guitar models, you will have piezo pickups along with a preamp control panel on the side of the instrument. This will allow you to tweak things such as volume and the EQ. Some of the guitars may have more of an intricate system, with many of the control options possibly hidden on the inside part of the guitar’s soundhole.

In most cases, you will have a control panel on the body of the acoustic electric guitar itself. In these cases, you need to keep an eye out for the control options, volume and EQ controls, such as bass, middle and treble sliders/rotary knobs.

If you are looking at a guitar with a more sophisticated or advanced system, it will also give you the choice to control things such as notch, mic blend and phase, among other things. Being able to control some of these aspects is great for anyone, but it is particularly crucial for players who regularly play on stage and perform in concerts.

The next important thing to consider and think about is the digital tuner, which is something that you should always keep an eye out for while deciding on a particular electro acoustic guitar. The standard electronic systems on any decent acoustic electric guitar will offer you a built-in digital tuner, that allows you to tune your guitar with the utmost ease and simplicity whenever you have to. If you plan to go on vacations or camping trips with your guitars, then this is something that is definitely going to be of great use without any doubt whatsoever.

Another important thing that should be mentioned in relation to the functioning of electro acoustic guitars, is that the most of the preamps that you find on these instruments usually run on battery power. For this reason, it is always recommended to have a spare battery in your guitar case, so that you can use it when and if your battery runs out and you can’t control your preamp onions.

Apart from this, how much value you can extract from your guitar is also partly dependent on the type of amplifier you are using with it. This is more so the case, if you plan to perform in a lot of shows and gigs – irrespective of what kind of music you play.

If you are just playing for yourself or for practice, then you can get away with not bothering that much about amplifiers and just using any old electric amp. However, as we mentioned before, if you plan to play on stage and perform for other people, then any electric amp will just not cut the mustard as far as we are concerned. You will need a good quality acoustic guitar amp, so that you get the best possible quality of sound in that case.

Top 10 Best Acoustic Electric Guitars 2020

1. Jameson Guitars Acoustic Electric Guitar

Jameson Guitars Acoustic Electric Guitar Best Acoustic Electric Guitar

We start off our list of some of the best acoustic electric guitars that are available for purchase, with this classic electro acoustic model from Jameson. If you are aware about this brand, you will know that it has managed to amass a great deal of popularity and is steadily becoming one the biggest guitar brands in the world.

The design of this guitar is one of its most intriguing aspects, with the sharp blue colour being a favourite among users in the market. As a family run company that is committed to giving you the best of the best in terms of stringed instruments, Janeson has you covered with this electro acoustic – irrespective of whether you are a newbie or a pro.

Weighing in at an overall 8.68 pounds, this electro acoustic guitar is fairly light and easy to carry. This makes it a great choice if you are looking for an instrument that you can carry around for its ergonomic viability as well as its compact design. Not only is it fairly light, but it is also extremely durable as an instrument and is capable of dealing with prolonged wear and tear.

The spruce neck and the rosewood fretboard, both contribute to the firmness as well as smoothness of this guitar. A scale length of around 25 inches is also ideal, so that you can cover the entire length of the fretboard with relative ease, without having to overstretch your fingers.

All this is supplemented by the inbuilt equalizer as well as the diecast tuners, which makes tuning your instrument easier and more efficient than ever before. Apart from that, this entire package offers you a great deal overall, and you will also get a free gig bag as well as a guitar case. Considering all of these things, it is easy to see that this is a great instrument and definitely merits your investment at the earliest opportunity.


2. Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK Acoustic Electric Guitar

Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK Acoustic Electric Guitar

Our next item on the list is the Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar that has seen splendid customer reviews, and has been widely regarded as one of the best acoustic electric guitars found in the market at this price range. Glen Burton has been one of the pioneers in popularizing the electro acoustic model, especially in emerging markets, and this guitar is another reflection of the success it has achieved in its endeavours.

The Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar comes in a splendid balck design and has an overall design and aesthetic build quality to die for. The superb stylish design is probably one of the best aspects of the model that has managed to win over countless hearts of musicians all over the country.

This one comes with a flame top, and a basswood back and sides. This strengthens the overlap durability of the guitar. and makes it very much resistant to an occasional unwarranted bang here or there.

The neck as well as the bridge is made of catalpa, and the fretboard is constructed using the highest grade of rosewood found in the market. Accompanying all this is one the best equalizers found on electro acoustics currently in the market – the Active 4 Band 7545. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this guitar will give you unmatched service, and can undoubtedly become your boon companion in a matter of days.

If all of this has not managed to convince you already, the overall package in this deal includes not only a fine guitar but also strings, picks, a gig bag, strap, a digital clip-on tuner, truss rod and 10 watt amplifier.

Cumulatively thus, this deal is great for people who are looking for the entire package within a limited budget. Our experts have recommended this instrument to countless souls, and we are sure that you should be one of those who get to enjoy the fine performance and stunning build quality of this instrument at a very modest price.


3. Fender CD-60SCE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Fender CD-60SCE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

When it comes to some of the most well known and popular guitar brands all over the world, Fender is right up there, and is arguably the most widely known musical brand in the world. Any budding guitar player who has harboured dreams of playing under the lights or even playing just for fun, should know about Fender, as it has made some of the best guitars at the most affordable prices.

The Fender CD-60SCE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar represents the continuation of Fender using its technological innovations to produce high performance oriented guitars. and offer the best sound quality that is expected at this price range. As an instrument that has an extremely high versatility quotient, this guitar can be your ever present companion, regardless of whether you are a new player or a veteran honing his or her skills for over a period of many years.

One of the most stylish and efficient guitar models on this list, the Fender CD-60SCE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar enables you to have much easier access to the frets at the lower end of the instrument. Furthermore, the scalloped “X” bracing is responsible for offering higher levels of projection and additional resonance during your playing sessions.

The black finish of the body coupled with the “mother of pearl” style acrylic design around the soundhole makes for a sensational design and aesthetic quality. This further enhances the desirability of this guitar, and makes it worth your while. All of this is further complemented with the Fishman Isys III System electronics, which comes with an active on-board preamp.

Now we come to the additional parts of this package, which include a hardshell case, guitar strap, guitar picks, guitar strings, clip-on digital tuner, polishing cloth, and an instructional DVD. As a part of this all-in-one bundle from Austin Bazaar, you will be getting the better end of an extremely lucrative deal that is just too good to be true. We hope you see the light and go for this fantastic deal that could well turn out to be one of the best investments you have ever made.


4. Vangoa Guitar Acoustic Electric

Vangoa Guitar Acoustic Electric

Next up in our quest to find the best acoustic electric guitar, we turn to Vangoa and this classic electro acoustic, that has been highly regarded by our experts and the general consumer base as well. This cutaway 41 inch model is currently being used by countless musicians all over the country, and it is no coincidence that this is the case.

It has a full size dreadnought body that comes with a larger than normal soundhole to give you that added punch of resonance and volume. In terms of the design of the guitar, it is something that should be discussed as a separate point, as it deserves that recognition.

The cutaway shape is specifically made to enable the player to have the best possible access to some of the upper frets on the fretboard without having to worry about injuries or problems regarding tone. This will give you the opportunity to play those long extended solos, where you can really showcase the full extent of your musical range and practical techniques.

Then we have the AAA Basswood, which provides you with that warm tone that the instrument that became synonymous with. The wood bridge is solid and gives plenty of additional durability to the overall instrument. It also has a high degree of vibration conduction, which further enhances the sound quality of the guitar. This gives you that priceless sense of tonal integrity and responsiveness in playing, which any good guitar player demands from their instrument.

Besides this, the truss rod supporting the backbone of this guitar is well balanced and sturdy enough to reist problems concerning shrinkage due to temperature changes. This ability to ensure the straightness of the neck despite challenges is a great feature to have, as it ensures mfortable string action and standard intonation.

Moreover, adding to this, you have the Built-in 4 band EQ (Bass/Midrange/Treble/Presence) which is a pleasure in itself to use and play around with. Not only is it extremely easy to operate, but this also gives you the feeling of unrestrained mobility on stage and the capacity to record anywhere and at any time without a microphone.

The last thing worth mentioning about this acoustic electric guitar, is the chrome-plated closed style pegs for tuning, which are very flexible and can be used with the utmost ease. As a part of the overall package with this guitar, you will get access to a gig bag, guitar cable, shoulder strap, extra string set, tuner, and picks, along with a capo.

All you need is included in the package and it is as simple as – delivery, unboxing and start playing at the earliest. A really well rounded balanced instrument that is finally getting the recognition it deserves, the Acoustic Guitar Cutaway 41 Inch Full Size Beginner Kit from Vangoa is undoubtedly offering a tantalizing deal for guitar players of all genres and styles.


5. Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar Package

Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar Package

At number 5 on our list of some of the best acoustic electric guitars available currently in the market right now, we have the Ashthorpe Full-Size Cutaway Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar Package. This one is special to us for many reasons, but primarily because it comes with a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, which is a testament to the fact that it is a great instrument without any shadow of doubt.

The hardwood construction of this guitar is usually the first thing that people get drawn to. The guitar is constructed using the highest quality X-braced, A-grade sprucewood, which is very well known for the resilience and overall versatility that it offers.

The basswood construction is responsible for the earthiness in tone, and all of this together ensures that the guitar is always capable of maintaining its tonal integrity. This will be the case, irrespective of whether you are playing rock and roll, jazz or blues or any other genre of music.

You can play flatpicking, heavy strumming or any other technique that you have mastered with this guitar, as it offers you that space to experiment and play around. It reinforces that feeling we all had when we laid our hands on a guitar for the first time and were mesmerized by the awe of the instrument.

As a full sized 42 inch acoustic electric, this model has a very particular cutaway near the neck for ensuring the highest degree of user playability, and the capacity to hit those high notes with surgical precision.

This makes playing near the top frets a lot more comfortable. It’s also thinline, (3″ thick) which makes another wholesome addition to its overall sound clarity and quality. It creates an unparalleled experience for the player, in terms of both sound as well as aesthetics.

Not only this, but the guitar is relatively lightweight and can be used really well as a tour guitar for professional players when they are on their travels. Even if you’re just going for a camping trip with your buddies, this is the ideal guitar that you should carry with you.

Next we come to the fantastic tough-as-nails finish on the tuning pegs, which makes tuning a much less of a hassle than you have ever experienced. Then there are the 4-band pickup/EQ (bass, mid-range, treble, and presence), two sets of upgraded phosphor bronze strings and a whole host of other accessories that you get as a part of this unbelievable deal.

The entire package includes the Ashthorpe guitar, a soft nylon “gig bag” guitar case, thin, medium & heavy celluloid picks, on-board 4-band pickup EQ, guitar cable, a shoulder strap, an extra set of strings and an owner’s manual.

Overall, it is our earnest opinion that this is a great deal, and you will be getting a great guitar as part of this deal more importantly than anything else. We urge you to not waste any more time and just go for the deal immediately!


6. Best Choice Products Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar Set

Best Choice Products Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar Set

Next on our list of the some of the best and most affordable acoustic electric guitar deals available on Amazon, we have the 42 inch full size acoustic electric guitar from Best Choice products. By no means a heavyweight of the music industry, Best Choice products that have managed to turn quite a few heads with some of their string instruments in recent times and thus it finds a place on this list.

This is one of the most versatile and user friendly instruments on this list, and it is suitable for literally anybody. This means that regardless of whether you are a professional with years of playing experience, or if you are a relative newbie who is looking to hone your skills on this instrument, this guitar can be used by anyone.

Its neck is constructed using okoume wood, and it has a really strong and durable body. This makes it a great guitar for serious hardcore practice and also makes it ideal for carrying around during your travels. The cutaway has been carefully designed to give the player maximum playability, and it’s the ideal instrument for someone who is looking to really firm up their finger muscles and get them ready for a lifelong career of guitar playing at the highest level.

This fine instrument also comes with a 10 watt guitar amp that has received some attention in its own regard. Apart from the amplifier, this lucrative deal also gets you access to a brand new gig bag, digital clip-on tuner, 4 guitar picks, a guitar strap, replacement guitar strings, cleaning cloth, and a capo as well. Thus, it offers you the entire package at a really budget friendly price, while also being unmistakable in its quality and performance, and you should invest in it straight away.


7. Donner DAG-1CE Electric Acoustic Guitar

Donner DAG-1CE Electric Acoustic Guitar

We have reached the midpoint in this list where we try to ascertain which is the best acoustic electric guitar that can be currently found in the market. And here at this point, our next guitar on the list is the Donner DAG-1CE Electric Acoustic Guitar Cutaway 41’’ Full-size Guitar Bundle, which has taken the market by storm ever since its release was announced. This guitar has an extremely stylish and well constructed body that is reminiscent of the classical guitar era. It is guaranteed to make some players very nostalgic.

As a full sized 42 inch cutaway guitar, it is known for giving vibrant and wholesome tones that guitars in this price range usually do not always offer. The dreadnought body ensures maximum resonance, and an unmatched sound quality that is hugely popular among its users. The spruce top and mahogany back and sides is responsible not only for the powerful body that is resistant to damage, but also for enhancing the overall richness in sound quality.

Other aspects of this guitar that merit separate mention include the built-in preamp for amplified use, which comes with a whole host of standard controls such as volume control, and 3 band EQ: bass, mid and treble. Coupled with this, we have the integrated tuner, which makes for very easy tuning and gives you the comfort and fun in playing, which is so important for any guitarist.

Then of course, last but not the least, this deal also gives you a brilliant overall package at a very economical price. You will get the entire package of a good quality gig bag, guitar strap, guitar capo, guitar strings, polishing cloth and guitar picks. All of these accessories, along with the fine instrument, makes this deal an impassable opportunity for an investment that could prove to be one of the best in your lifetime.


8. Vangoa Electric Acoustic Guitar

Vangoa Electric Acoustic Guitar

We have already had one product from Vangoa on this list already, and it’s no time for our second acoustic electric guitar from the brand Vangoa. The brand is a popular name on the lips of many musicians and has been doing the rounds in the industry for some time now. This one is our first 3/4th size acoustic electric guitar that we have included in this list, instead of the usual full sized ones.

This highly rated guitar is made from the highest quality AAA spruce top, sapele back and sides, which makes it powerful and sturdy and gives it the capacity to be able to bear the wear and tear of daily usage. Not only this, but it also offers a great deal of enhancement in the overall sound quality that you can expect.

This one, like its predecessor on this list is equipped with a truss rod that is perfectly resistant to changes in shapes, owing to changes in the temperature. This gives you the stability of a solid straight and durable neck and adds to the overall life expectancy of the instrument. This, along with the adjustable guitar neck, is perfect for giving your body and your hands the respect it deserves by not overworking them.

Playing guitar for long hours is a somewhat demanding experience for your body, and it is great to be able to have a guitar that understands these requirements and does not make unnecessary demands on your physical capacity. This is achieved not only as a result of the perfect cutaway design, but also in regard to how the strings are placed and the action of the guitar as well.

The Electric Acoustic Guitar 36 Inch 3/4 Cutaway Guitar is equipped with built-in 2 band EQ (bass and treble), as well as a built in tuner that allows you to control all of the vital elements related to the functioning of your guitar, with the highest amount of smoothness and convenience. This enables you to tune and record your guitar playing at any point in time without having to worry about a microphone.

This guitar gives you one of the best deals that you can expect at this point in time from the market. As a part of this deal you will get 3 guitar picks, a 5 mm zipped padded bag, adjustable guitar strap, extra strings, truss rod allen key and capo. This is great for beginners who are not in a position to spend a lot on the different accessories, as you will get all of the things you need in a good package and affordable deal. So stop sitting on your haunches, and get this deal as early as possible and do yourself a favour!


9. Fender FA-125CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Fender FA-125CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This is the penultimate product on this list, where we have devoted ourselves to find the best acoustic guitar available on Amazon right now today.. In that regard, the Fender FA-125CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar is just another one of the long list of successful guitars that Fender has come up with, which has managed to capture the imagination of hundreds of budding and experienced guitar players alike.

A continuation of the Austin Bazaar series, the Fender FA-125CE is a perfect guitar for beginners as well as professionals alike, as it has all the elements that makeup a high quality performance based instrument. It has the capacity to give you the best sound quality that you can hope for.

First and foremost, the dreadnought body is superb for ensuring long life expectancy and boosting the overall durability of the instrument. It also provides for a deep rich sound that is characterized by prominent low ends and warm mids. This is a classic Fender feature that is unmistakable, and has become the USP of the brand and its guitars over the years.

The next thing that is impressive about this guitar, is the all-laminate construction that further accentuates the sturdiness of this instrument, and makes it a must have for hard users. Then we have the Fishman electronic system, which is recognized as one of the best electronic systems for guitars all over the world.

This system helps in bringing out the true Fender sound that is the hallmark of clarity and sharpness. The design of the preamp on this guitar has a relatively small footprint and is very easy to use.

The guitar has an overall weight of around 8 pounds – which is not at all heavy by modern electro acoustic guitar standards. This makes it a great option for someone looking for a guitar that is compact and transportable, but also does not compromise one iota when it comes to the question of sound quality.

The spruce top, the basswood back and sides, all come together to produce the celebrated tone that constitutes the main reason as to why people are so fascinated with this instrument. This, in tandem with the c-shaped neck and the walnut fingerboard, ensures that the user has the best playability conditions secured, so that you can get the most out of your instrument. In addition to this, the Viking bridge provides great tonal support and it’s also visually appealing as well.

Thus, considering all of these various aspects, it is easy to see why this guitar is such a fan favorite among so many. Our experts have also given it a high rating, and we are totally convinced about the value this guitar has to offer. So without wasting any more time whatsoever, we urge you to go for it and get yourself a really stylish and performance based guitar at the earliest.


10. G. Great Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar

We have finally reached the end of this list where we have discussed some of the best and most impressive electro acoustic guitars that are currently available on Amazon. The last one in the list is a somewhat relatively unknown product which has been turning heads and getting some attention from various quarters of the music industry.

The 39“ Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar from G.great is one that has found expression in many young souls. It has a thin body with a quite marvellous hazelnut finish that looks as good as any guitar you have ever seen before. The ashwood gloss adds the perfect natural finish to the visual appearance of this guitar. Along with this, the rosewood fingerboard and bridge is carefully constructed to give the player easy access to roam across the length of the fretboard.

Next we have the M-450T EQ w/built in tuner, which is a great tuner to get your tones and settings right in a short span of time. It comes with a truss rod on the head stock. Along with this, the white PVC soundhole ABC body binding-diecast machine tuners elevate the overall experience of playing this guitar.

The last thing worth mentioning separately about this guitar, is that it is the lightest guitar on our list ,weighing in at an overall body weight of a megare 3 pounds. Thus, this is the dream guitar for travellers, as it is almost featherweight.

Considering all of these aspects and also the fact that it is one the best budget guitars available currently, we think that it is worth the investment. We are trusting our experts with this one, and we think you should as well.


Best Acoustic Electric Guitars – Conclusion

In this article, our main aim was to try and find out which guitar model is the best acoustic electric guitar that is currently fit for purchase and has the best value for money. We started off with a brief discussion on what an acoustic electric or electro acoustic guitar is, and how it is different from any of your average acoustic guitars that we see everywhere.

Following this, we also had a discussion on what you should look for in an acoustic guitar, and how you should go about assessing whether it is fit for purchase or not. We also managed to give you a few pointers about the technical aspects of a guitar and how to use this information to buy a guitar that gives you a good return on your investment.

We completely understand that for some people, the little intricate technical details may be too much to process at this time, and therefore we tried to keep it as short and practical as possible. We fully acknowledge that the current market has many different models on offer, and it can prove to be stressful to try and pick one out of the many different acoustic electric guitars that are claiming to be the best in the business.

Hopefully, you have got some valuable information from this article, which you can use to get yourself the best acoustic electric guitar at the right price of your choosing. If you believe you need to know more, then we urge you to do further research into more detailed matters before making a choice. We wish you all the best and hope that you are united with the guitar of your dreams sooner rather than later!

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