Best Acoustic Guitar Under $1000: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Jameson Guitars2. Fender FA-1153.  Fender CD-60
Jameson Guitars Best Acoustic GuitarFender FA-115Fender CD-60

The joy of playing a guitar can only be understood by those who compose music or just like listening to it. Playing the guitar can also be considered a prospective career option by some.

With an acoustic guitar in your hand, you can be rest assured that you will have some of the best musical experiences in your life.


This instrument has the power to make you happy when you are upset with its soothing music and it can even help you bond with others over common musical taste. With a budget of $1000, you can easily purchase a high end acoustic guitar which is both good in quality and quite innovative.

While it can be quite challenging purchasing the best acoustic guitar under $1000 given the plethora of options available, this review aims at helping you to some extent. However, it can be quite a taxing process, given the sheer competition between the different brands in the market.

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Acoustic Guitar Under $1000

Buying the ideal guitar for yourself can be a confusing task because there are so many good looking and stylish guitars to select from. It is more challenging when you have never played the instrument before.

Trying to choose a guitar that you will play everyday and that is right for you can be an overwhelming process. You will know that a guitar is perfect for you when you hold it in your hands.

However, there are certain technical factors that you must take into account before buying the guitar, because this is a lifetime investment and you surely do not wish to end up regretting your decision. These are factors are as follows:

1. Budget

It is always wise to have a fixed budget in mind before you set out to purchase an acoustic guitar. This can help you limit your choices to a certain extent which can, in fact, be less confusing.

The budget you decide should, in the very beginning, include the additional stuff as well – such as a second set of strings if the first tears, supplies for cleaning or a guitar bag to carry the guitar in.

In most cases, most acoustic guitars that come within the range of $500 to $1000 include these additional materials; at least the guitar bag is always provided. They may also include such other things as a set of picks and instructional DVDs.

A budget of $1000 will give you a solid acoustic guitar. Be a beginner, an intermediate player or an advanced player, there is something for everyone.

2. Style And Design

The style and design of a guitar is very important. It is the physical appearance of the guitar that will make you look good with it. However, you must also be comfortable with the design of the guitar and never compromise on that.

Depending on what you will be using the guitar for, you must decide whether you want a simple and basic design in the guitar or something more eccentric. Nowadays, a lot of new designs are emerging and most companies also allow customization of the guitar as per your desire.

3. Material

In order to purchase the best acoustic guitar under $1000, you must take into account the material of the guitar. Wood is the most common material that is used to make most acoustic guitars.

The quality of the wood used and the finishing of the guitar matters to a great extent. Guitars made of mahogany and cedar wood offer guitars that are lightweight and at the same time durable in nature.

Since mahogany can produce dark, warm and rich tones, it is considered to be the best type of wood for an acoustic guitar. Some other kinds of wood with the same quality are- Nato and Okule. The most common wood used to make the top of a guitar is Spruce.

If you want your guitar to produce a balanced sound effect, then you must purchase guitars that are made of Sapale. Even though there are many other varieties of wood available with which guitars are made, the few listed above are some of the best.

4. Size

In order to buy one of the best acoustic guitars under $1000, the size of the guitar is something you will have to consider as it is a crucial factor. The volume, resonance and bottom end bass will always be better in a large guitar and this is something known to those familiar with acoustic guitars.

These features are not readily available in smaller guitars. However, with the small guitars, it is easy to get the trebles to cut through unlike much larger guitars. To keep a balance between these two sizes, guitars of ¾ size are being newly manufactured that produce excellent sound quality.

Many musicians search for guitars that are stand alone, lightweight and easy to manage, while at the same time emit top quality music. These kinds of acoustic guitars can be easily transported from one place to another as well.

5. Purpose

6. The fifth and yet again, a crucial factor in this list, is the purpose of the acoustic guitar. There are musicians who play specific genres of music. To deal with this phenomenon, many brands of acoustic guitars offer customized instruments that fit into that particular genre.

Some people like to shift from one genre to another and there are guitars that can easily succumb to the desires of such musicians as well.

If you are a beginner who wishes to play the guitar as a hobby only, you can start off with a simple and basic model. With time, you can always upgrade the guitar.

Another important point is that you must check if the sound produced by the guitar matches with the music of the rest of the band. However, in spite of knowing what you want your guitar for, things can still go wrong.

Hence, this is a trial and error process, and by the time you purchase your second guitar, you will have adequate idea about the exact features you desire in an acoustic guitar.

7. Guitar Strings

In most cases, intermediate or advanced players do not like to use the strings that are already installed in the guitar, since there is no way of knowing how old the strings are, what is their durability and the quality of the strings.

Such musicians tend to purchase an alternative set of strings to avoid this. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to buy an extra packet of strings. An important debate that comes up in this discussion on guitar strings, is the nylon vs steel strings debate.

However, you must keep in mind an important factor – you cannot swap between the two types of strings on the same guitar. You will need a new guitar for this.

1. Nylon Strings

Nylon strings have a reputation of producing a very soft and mellow tune that does not overpower the sound from other instruments. If you are a beginner, then nylon strings will be a wise choice, especially if you are interested in playing classical or Latin music.

2. Steel Strings

Steel strings, on the other hand, are the more commonly used strings and they produce a loud and bright tone. These strings are best if you want to play genres like rock, country and pop.

8. Guitar Body Styles

The most common misconception about guitars that do the rounds across the globe is that all guitars have the same default cut. Guitars have various types of body styles with different names for each one.

The body style of the guitar plays a crucial role in helping you decide exactly how much you are comfortable with the guitar. The most common types of body styles available are- concert, auditorium, travel, dreadnought and jumbo.

Another important factor is that- if you want your guitar to produce deep and loud sound, then a large soundboard is ideal for it.

1. Concert Style

Guitars with this body style tend to have a small soundboard that produces a happy and bright sound ideal for a powerful mid-range. Due to the size of the guitar, it is best for shorter people who can be more comfortable with it than with a large, bulky guitar.

2. Auditorium Style

These are the more popular and average sized guitars available in almost all shops across the world. The body of this guitar has an hourglass shape, which is actually vital in producing excellent tones and allows you to play in a variety of ways.

3. Travel Style

These are lightweight guitars, compact in nature, which proves to be ideal for those always on tours. These are easy to carry from one place to another and comfortable as well.

4. Dreadnought Style

Dreadnought guitars have a large soundboard which is usually square shaped. They are able to produce a deep and rich tone, which is well suited to music genres like jazz and bluegrass.

These guitars produce powerful sounds that can adapt well with powerful instruments such as solo or contrabass.

5. Jumbo Style

If someone mentions country music, then jumbo guitars are what immediately comes to mind. They produce rich, warm and clear sounds which make them perfect to be played in live gigs.

9. Neck Width And Length

The width and length of the guitar body will vary based on its size. The measurements of the neck are important to know, because they directly impact your level of comfort in terms of holding and playing the guitar.

In the case of acoustic guitars, a majority of them have either 12 frets or 14 frets. It is advisable to purchase a guitar in which the neck is of smaller diameter if you have tiny hands.

10. Sound

Sound and playability are the defining features of any guitar. What makes the musical journey, a memorable one, are these features. Most of the factors mentioned above, such as the width and length of the neck, the body style, the size of the guitar, and the strings used, determine the kind of sound the guitar will emit.

11. Laminate Vs Solid Top

When you split a single piece of wood into two halves and then put them together, the result is a solid top guitar. Solid pieces of wood are used to make it.

When you gather many pieces of wood and glue them all together, the result is a laminated guitar. This is the basic difference between laminate and solid top guitars.

While laminate guitars are much cheaper than solid top ones, the latter tend to produce sound of a more refined quality and also has better resonance. Hence, it is suggested that you go for solid top guitars when you set out to buy the best acoustic guitar under $1000.

Keeping in mind all the various factors mentioned above, it is now time to list a few of the best acoustic guitars under $1000. This list is limited because, in reality, there are many more products that you should consider before buying the guitar.

Top 15 Best Acoustic Guitar Under $1000 2020

1. Jameson Guitars

Jameson Guitars Best Acoustic Guitar

Jameson is a family run brand of guitars whose main objective is to produce some of the best quality guitars for a variety of musicians across all age groups possessing different abilities.

You can be rest assured that, whether you are a beginner or a professional player, this brand will provide you with the guitar that is ideal for you. It is ensured that the price is fixed at an affordable rate, so that anybody can purchase it.

The guitar is available in 6 colours- black, pink, blue, natural, red and green- and you can choose the colour of your choice from here. It is available for both left hand as well as right hand guitarists.

The guitar has a thin-line body that provides maximum comfort and rates high on playability. The Jameson acoustic guitar is significantly easy to carry around from one place to another. You have the option of playing the guitar acoustically, or plugging it in if you so wish.

The length of the guitar is 41 inch and the body thickness is 3 inches. The mechanical vibrations produced by the instrument can be easily captured by the guitar, as it has a built-in pick up. The guitar comes with a set of picks, so that you do not have to go through the hassle of purchasing it separately.

The guitar has a high gloss finish and the strings are made of steel, something that is commonly found across most acoustic guitars. This acoustic guitar has diecast enclosed tuners, which are similar to standard tuners except for a few differences.

What makes the guitar perfect for live shows, even with bands, is the well crafted neck of the guitar – which is made of maple. This enables the sound of the guitar to be heard in spite of other instruments that are playing simultaneously.

All of these features guarantee a guitar that is worth purchasing and playing.


2. Fender FA-115

Fender FA-115

Austin Bazaar is another family run company that is well known for its top quality instruments. This Fender dreadnought acoustic guitar is one such excellent product by Austin Bazaar, which comes with additional things like a gig bag, backpack straps and picks.

There is also a fender chromatic clip-on tuner that comes with the guitar and that functions on the basis of vibrations. Hence, even if you are in a noisy environment, you may easily tune your guitar. Other than this, the guitar also comes with a guitar strap and an extra set of strings.

This natural coloured guitar has a simple yet sophisticated style. This fender guitar has a spruce top with a gloss finish and a fretboard made of walnut. Spruce is a kind of tonewood, which is quite commonly used in acoustic guitars, as it has a dynamic range and is quite strong.

The guitar has a dreadnought shape, which enables the guitar to have a superior low end projection and a balanced tone. This shape is a great idea if you are going to play in the lead or do some rhythm work.

The neck is made of a wood called nato and the fingerboard is made of hardwood. All these different types of wood used to make this guitar proves that this is a laminated guitar.


3. Fender CD-60

Fender CD-60

Here is another acoustic guitar from the house of Austin Bazaar which has a great style, design, as well as other technical features. It is a full size acoustic guitar with steel strings that has a lot to offer at a humble price.

It has a lindenwood top and the backs and sides are made mahogany, which makes the guitar an all-laminated construction. It has a scalloped “X†bracing with a neck made of mahogany. The fingerboard is made of durable dark stained maple.

Since the neck is quite slim, it is convenient and easy to play. The guitar has a full-bodied dreadnought tone. It is available in a beautiful sunburst hue. The additional goodies that come with the guitar are- fender tuner, fender picks, strings, guitar strap, a hard case, fender play subscription and an essentials DVD.

This guitar has been crafted in such a way that it will last for years. It has the capability to endure everyday rough usage and it will produce beautiful music for many, many years without failure.


4. Fender CD-60S

Fender CD-60S

The fender CD-60S acoustic guitar deserves to be on the list of best acoustic guitars under $1000 because of the excellent features that it provides, along with great playability and comfort.

The guitar is available in a dark brown colour, which gives the guitar an elegant look. Individuals across all age groups can play this guitar with an enhanced level of ease and comfort.

You might be a beginner looking for a simple and basic acoustic guitar, or a professional searching for a versatile product, this guitar will satisfy anybody and everybody. It comes in the dreadnought body style. This helps the guitar emit a rich and deep tone.

Extra resonance is produced by the solid mahogany top scalloped “X†bracing pattern. Mahogany has been used to make the back and sides as well. The fingerboard comes with rolled edges and a neck that is easy to play with.

Lastly, the guitar comes with additional materials such as a hardshell gig bag, a guitar strap, guitar picks, guitar strings along with a clip-on digital tuner. These accessories can prove to be quite helpful for you.


5. Martin D-1

Martin D-1

The Martin D-1 dreadnought acoustic guitar is made of solid wood and has a satin finish to it. The guitar has a very basic appearance and it has a stratabond neck, which is made of mahogany.

Since the finish is satin, it has a resonance against the body when you play the guitar. The bracing is scalloped. This is one of the loudest guitars you will find within a 1000$ budget.

It has a rosewood belly bridge, multi-ring rosette, light coast satin and a black binding. This guitar has been crafted with intense care and detail. It might be attractive to you merely because of its simple and country look.

This is, once again, a dreadnought guitar which can produce a mellow tone, as well a sunny treble.


6. ACDOS Full Single Guitar

ACDOS Full Single Guitar

The ACDOS fingerstyle acoustic guitar is available in wood colour and is one of the best guitars under $1000. The sound that comes out when you play this guitar is warm and balanced with a clear treble and bass.

This one is a 40-41 inch wide single guitar. The material used to make the panel is spruce, while the back side plate is made of mahogany. Rosewood has been used to make the fingerboard.

This particular product is an award winning classical guitar, which not only has an elegant style and design but is also sufficiently strong and durable. No matter how much the guitar goes through, it produces a promising tone every time.

The hand positioning is quite comfortable and you can play it with great ease. The guitar has a thin gloss finish which is of a high quality. This one is one of the few nylon string guitars.

Overall, this guitar will prove to be an excellent purchase for you, given its quality and features. All of this at an affordable rate that fits into your budget.


7. ACDOS S Half Cutaway

ACDOS Half Cutaway

The ACODS acoustic guitar is 41 inches in size. It comes in natural wood colour and has a simple yet elegant design which appeals to anybody listening to you sing. This is one of the best acoustic guitars under $1000.

It produces a sound that is balanced and warm, accompanied by a clear treble and bass. This guitar is a great choice for those who are in their elementary stages of learning how to play the guitar.

This one is a full size classical guitar that presents to you a mind blowing combination of elegance and durability. This guitar uses high quality nylon strings that are easier for your fingers to play with. Nylon strings are known for producing soft and mellow tones that are soothing to the ears.


8. Yamaha FG3 

Yamaha FG3

Yamaha is a reliable brand for musical instruments and it has been so for years now. Those who have used Yamaha products have complete trust in the brand, more so, because of the top quality instruments they produce.

This guitar has a 1960s aesthetics and is crafted in a modern manner. It has been refined as a part of the 50 plus years of Yamaha guitar development. The guitar possesses what is known as the Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (ARE) treatment that gives out the sound produced by aged wood.

It has been crafted with a Sitka Spruce top and the backs and sides are made of mahogany. The bridge and fingerboard is made of ebony. This one is a dreadnought acoustic guitar.

The guitar also comes with a hard case gig bag, a spray cleaner to clean the guitar and a cable for plug ins. The ARE is fixed with a scalloped top-bracing, which produces a rich sound with low frequency.

This guitar is perfect for you if you are into playing modern folk music. In this manner, Yamaha has taken over the music market swiftly with excellent guitars like this one.


9. ACDOS True Color

ACDOS True Color

Another ACDOS guitar, this one is well known for its stylish design and look. This guitar is handmade from scratch. The beauty of this guitar only enhances the sound that it produces, which is very rich and vibrant.

This one is a 41 inch rosewood guitar which produces soothing music and ensures a beautiful musical experience worth remembering. The alignment of the frets are commendable and they have no loose ends.

The guitar is able to produce a high pitch sound which is loud and clear. It has a thin surface finish which only increases the overall beauty of the guitar. It weighs only 6.38 pounds which makes it a lightweight guitar, easy to carry from one place to another.


10. Fender PM-2

Fender PM-2

This one is Austin Bazaar’s parlor sized acoustic guitar which is smaller in size as compared to the other dreadnought acoustic guitar. It is a part of Fender’s ever growing paramount series.

The guitar comes with strings that are already tuned, and comes with a deluxe hard case shell along with a dehumidifier for your guitar. The PM-2 has a mahogany top and a vintage-modern style. It has an open-pore finish that not only looks great, but feels great too.

This open-pore finish makes the organic wood of the guitar look stylish and elegant. Strength and projection is well balanced by the scalloped “X†bracing. This guitar is light-weighted and hence, can be carried from one place to another without much difficulty.

The guitar emits a warm sound and has a rich midrange, which makes it perfect for fingerpicking. The sound produced is also quite loud in nature.

One and probably the only drawback of the guitar is that, since it is small in size, the bass and volume produced is less compared to a full-sized dreadnought guitar.


11. Steel-string Acoustic

Steel-string Acoustic

This guitar is made of solid wood – which is rare and signifies top quality. This product is highly durable, which ensures that the wood never becomes deformed or cracks.

The top panels, side panels, back panels and fingerboard ensures that the sound that comes out of the guitar is melodious, pure and stable in tone.

Refined and stable tuning is produced by the advanced tuner and the standard knob. The strings of the guitar can be easily adjusted as per the needs of each player. The top of the guitar has a round edge design, which makes it comfortable to hold.

The paint that has been used on the guitar is environmentally friendly and healthy. This factor ensures that the guitar can be uniformly used by both adults as well as children without any safety issues.

You may use this guitar to learn how to play, to teach others how to play, to play with a band or even perform a solo on stage. The guitar is 41 inches in size and the color is spruce. All these factors tell us how this is the best acoustic guitar under $1000.


12. ACDOS Acoustic Surface

ACDOS Acoustic Surface

This ACDOS acoustic guitar is sized 41 inches. It is a single cutaway guitar barrel, which has a spruce top and the sides and back made of mahogany. The guitar produces a warm and balanced tone in which the treble and bass is crystal clear.

This award winning guitar brings to you a combination of durability and elegance along with an advanced tuning system. This helps in producing the most perfect tuning. The hand positioning is comfortable and the guitar is easy to hold.

The body has a high quality thin-gloss finish, which makes the guitar look even more beautiful. Lastly, nylon strings have been used in the guitar, which ensures that a soft and mellow tone is produced every time you play the guitar.


13. ACDOS Single

ACDOS Single

Here, we have yet another guitar by ACDOS which once again produces a balanced and warm sound with a clear bass and treble. The reason that the ACDOS guitars have featured so many times in this article is because it is one of the best acoustic guitars under $1000 that the market has to offer.

This guitar has won several awards, as this 41 inch classical guitar is a combination of elegance and durability. It can survive and even thrive for many years. The guitar is comfortable to hold and carry from place to place without much difficulty.

It is made with high quality wood and has a thin-gloss finish to it. Lastly, the strings used are nylon strings which are great for beginners.


14. Seagull


For those of you who wish to upgrade to a new guitar that is primary in nature, the Seagull artist mosaic acoustic guitar is an option worth considering. It has been made in North America by skilled craftsmen.

The top of the body is made of cedar, while the sides and back are made of mahogany. Whether you are picking lead lines or just strumming chords, the neck which is made of mahogany, and fingerboard made of rosewood are a treat to play.

The tone is warm and clear. This guitar is a dreadnought sized one, which helps the guitar produce a loud sound that does not however, overpower the sounds of other instruments.

The guitar is kept in tune by the good quality hardware. Seagull has never been a disappointment as it continuously produces some of the best acoustic guitars under $1000.


15. Taylor 114CE

Taylor 114CE

Taylor is yet another brand of musical instruments that is known for its expertise and top quality products. The Taylor 114ce acoustic guitar is one such instrument that comes in the grand auditorium shape.

This shape allows the guitar to produce some of the best tones that people cannot help but pay attention to. The guitar comes with the Expression System 2 pickup. The body of the guitar is made of spruce on the top and laminate sapele on the sides and back.

The price of the guitar includes a gig bag for you to carry your guitar in. The clarity of the sound produced by each string is stunning. Keeping in mind both affordability as well as playability, this guitar ranks as one of the best acoustic guitars under $1000.


FAQs on Acoustic Guitar Under $1000

1. What Are Some Of The Most Popular Guitar Brands?

If you follow the list of 15 products mentioned above, you will get an idea about some of the most popular guitar brands. Brands that produce some of the best guitars, both electric and acoustic are- Yamaha, Martin, Taylor, Fender and Epiphone.

2. What Is A Cutaway Guitar?

A guitar in which the bottom of the guitar is cut away from the neck, is called a cutaway guitar. This makes it easy for you to access the higher frets. For guitarists who usually play solo, this is the preferred style of guitar.

3. How Should I Care For My Acoustic Guitar?

Humidity and temperature are two factors that an acoustic guitar is sensitive to. If the weather is excessively dry and hot, it may crack the wood of the guitar. Sudden temperature changes also damage the guitar.

The best way to store the guitar is to keep it away from attics, basements and places where it is damp.


The process of purchasing the best guitar under $1000 can be a troublesome task, because of the various options that the modern market has to offer. However, once you do find the perfect guitar for yourself, you will only enjoy the musical journey in store.

Guitars in this budget have proven to be durable and high quality instruments. Make a wise choice, and you will end up with an acoustic guitar that feels just right in your hands.

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