Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Jameson2. Fender3.  Jasmine
Jameson Best Acoustic GuitarsFender FA-115Jasmine S34C
While it can be challenging to choose the perfect acoustic guitar, reviews like this one and some research on your own part can be quite helpful.

Other than these technicalities, ultimately what will be the perfect guitar for you will be the one with which you can make a musical connection and which will feel just right in your hands.


Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Acoustic Guitar Under $500

Searching for the right acoustic guitar and that too within a budget of 500$, can be a taxing procedure since there are a plethora of options available. The competition between the various brands is crazy wherein each brand is making the utmost effort to provide customers with the best acoustic guitars under $500.

1. Material

Most electric guitars are made of wood. However, what matters is the quality of wood used and the finishing of the guitar. If you are looking for durable guitars that are also lightweight, then you should go for guitars made of mahogany and cedar wood.

Mahogany is considered the best wood for guitars since it can help in producing dark, rich and warm tones. Nato and Okule are other kinds of wood that have similar qualities. Spruce is another type of wood which is commonly used to make the top of the guitar.

Sapale is yet another kind of wood that has a balancing effect on the sound produced by the guitar. There are a lot of other kinds of wood available, but these are some of the best materials for making an acoustic guitar.

2. Size

Size is probably the most important element that you must consider before buying the best acoustic guitar under 500. Those familiar with musical instruments in general and acoustic guitars specifically will know that the larger the guitar is, the better the volume, bottom end bass and resonance will be.

Smaller guitars do not provide these features in the best form. However, with large guitars the problem is to get the trebles to cut through. With the mini sized guitars on the other hand, getting the bass to cut through is the challenge.

Keeping all these difficulties in mind, manufacturers have been working on making ¾ sized guitars to produce better sound quality which is well balanced in terms of the bass and the treble.

The reason why the size of the guitar matters so much, is that many musicians look for a stand alone instrument that is not too heavy and easy to handle, yet produces top quality sound. These are easier to play. Such acoustic guitars are also convenient to transport from one place to another.

3. Build Quality

Most guitars are made predominantly in Asia. Traditional origins of manufacturing still dominate the higher ends of the market. However, the quality of guitars is getting better and better even on the middle and more affordable ends of the market.

The manufacturing matters a great deal because that is what decides the playability and tone of the guitar. This, of course, depends on the quality of the materials used.

4. Laminate Vs Solid Top

Firstly, it is important to make clear the difference between laminate and solid top. A solid top is basically the result when a single piece of wood is split into two halves and are put together in the middle. It is made of solid pieces of wood.

On the other hand, the laminate is made by gathering many pieces of wood and glueing them together into the making of the guitar. This clearly signals the fact that solid top is a better option in terms of resonance and in general producing good quality sound.

With 500$ as your budget, you will easily find guitars with a solid top, but you will also find guitars which are made of laminate material and are much cheaper. It is still suggested that you go for the solid top acoustic guitars.

5. Sound

Any guitar is defined by its sound and playability. This is what contributes mainly to a good musical experience. Factors like the shape and size of the guitar, the neck length and width, the steel type and the tonewood, all of these ultimately determine the sound and playability of the guitar.

All these factors must be taken into consideration for the ultimate sound experience.

6. Price

Guitars can range from very cheap to very expensive. A good brand will cost you 1000$ easily. Yet, guitars available under 500 have some of the best features that you hope and expect to find in an acoustic guitar.

The budget that you have for an acoustic guitar will determine the options available to you. However, a plethora of brands produce good quality guitars under 500$ now.

7. Neck Width And Length

Depending on the size of the guitar body, the thickness and width of the neck will vary. The measurements of the neck are not taken into consideration not because it will affect the sound of the guitar, but because it will determine your comfort level in terms of holding the guitar.

Acoustic guitars usually have 12-fret or 14-fret necks. If you have tiny hands then it is advisable to purchase a guitar with a smaller diameter neck.

8. Nylon Vs Steel Strings

The type of strings (nylon or steel) you play depends on the kind of music you want to play. It is a widespread misconception that a beginner should start playing with nylon strings the reason being they are easier to play.

If you want to play soft and mellow tones then nylon strings are the best. These strings are mostly used in music styles such as classical, folk and flamenco. Steel strings are, however, more common as compared to nylon strings.

These strings are mostly used in music styles such as rock, country and even pop. Steel strings can produce a more bright and loud tone, which is usually the sound you will hear when someone is playing the acoustic guitar.

9. Read Reviews Online

While online reviews can be helpful in helping you choose the best acoustic guitar under 500, it can also be detrimental. Wrong suggestions and advice can land you in a lot of trouble costing you unnecessary money and energy.

Hence, it is suggested that you read reviews published by reputed blogs and websites. Consulting those who have already bought an acoustic guitar can also be quite helpful. They can tell you about the functioning of the guitar they bought and whether they based their choice on a review.

10. Personal Preference

The above considerations are crucial and will prove to be very important when you set out to buy the best acoustic guitar under 500. However, the factor that matters the most is that you buy a guitar you truly like.

You must be comfortable playing the guitar, whether standing or sitting. The sound of the guitar must appeal to you like no other guitar. You must make an informed choice keeping in mind other factors like what kind of music you intend on playing and also have some basic understanding of how an acoustic guitar works.

Purchasing a guitar is different from buying any other product, because it will turn out to mean more to you in the years to come regardless of the features and the price at which you buy it.
Best Acoustic Guitar Under 500

Top 15 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500 2020

1. Jameson

Jameson Best Acoustic Guitars

Jameson Guitars is a brand of guitars run by a family which is committed to providing great quality instruments for people with different abilities and of different age groups. The best part about this company is that regardless whether you are a beginner or a pro, it will give you the instrument most well suited to you.

All of this at the most affordable price in the market. This Jameson acoustic electric guitar is available for both right handed as well as left handed players. It comes in a variety of colours for you to choose from such as- blue, natural, black, green and pink.

This guitar will provide you with ultimate comfort and playability because of its thin-line body which makes it convenient to hold and carry around. The guitar provides you with two tempting options which you can avail as per your wish- you can play it acoustically or plug it in and play.

The guitar is 41 inches in length and its body thickness is 3 inch. It has a built-in pick up which makes it easy for the guitar to capture the mechanical vibrations produced by the instrument. If you are purchasing this guitar you will be glad to know that it comes with picks to play with.

It has a high gloss finish and steel strings, which is the most common form of strings found in acoustic guitars. They come with die cast enclosed tuners which are just like standard tuners, only made in a different way.

The neck of the guitar is made of maple. This is what makes the guitar perfect for live settings even with a band. This is because the guitar can be clearly heard in spite of a mixture of various other instruments.

Overall, this is a highly recommended guitar that you must consider purchasing.


2. Fender FA-115

Fender FA-115

Here is a fender dreadnought acoustic guitar from the house of Austin Bazaar, which is yet another family run company in Austin, USA. This guitar comes with a lot of other things such as a gig bag for you to carry the guitar in when you go for gigs and backpack straps.

It comes with a fender chromatic clip-on tuner which works on the basis of vibrations. This will help you tune the guitar even in a noisy environment. Along with all of this, the package also includes a set of picks, a guitar strap and even an extra pair of strings.

The color of the guitar is a beautiful sunburst of brown and black. This acoustic guitar has a spruce top. Spruce is the most common tonewood used for acoustic guitars as it is strong, bright and has a dynamic range. This wood also gels well with the sound created by acoustic guitars.

The guitar comes in a dreadnought shape which gives the instrument a balanced tone and superior low end projection. For lead or rhythm work, guitars of this shape are an excellent choice.

They have rounded shoulders which can be quite comfortable for the player not just during performances, but even when you are playing casually.

The body of the guitar is made of mahogany and it has a high gloss finish. The number of frets is 20. The material used to make the neck is nato, which is yet another kind of wood. Lastly, the fingerboard is made of hardwood.

This guitar is a laminated one, which means it has been used making different pieces of wood which have been ultimately glued together into one great acoustic guitar.


3. Jasmine S34C

Jasmine S34C

The Jasmine S34 acoustic guitar is a stylish and elegant guitar that is not only fun to play and experiment with, but also makes you look sophisticated while playing it. It is an orchestra style guitar which provides a rich and well balanced soothing sound to the ears of the listeners.

The guitar is available in natural wood color. It has a smooth satin finish which facilitates in maximising the resonance of the sound produced. It is, in fact, a great guitar for beginners as well, since it is well built and easy to play.

The strap button of the guitar is positioned in a unique way which gives the guitar better balance and makes it comfortable to hold, whether you are sitting or standing. The cutaway design of the instrument ensures easier access to the frets.

Great tone and sound is further facilitated by the spruce top and the back and sides made of agathis. The bridge and fingerboard are made of rosewood. This acoustic guitar has a slim neck profile and full 25 ½†scale length.

Along with this, it also has a synthetic bone nut and saddle. What makes this product so special is its “X†bracing system. It features a “forward shift†bracing pattern that positions the braces nearer to the soundhole. This enables in producing music that sounds livelier, more open and with an improved definition.


4. Oscar Schmidt OG2SM-R-U

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM-R-U

Oscar Schmidt is one of the oldest music instruments producing companies in the USA having been established as early as 1871. It is still doing well and producing some of the best acoustic guitars under 500.

The Oscar Schmidt OG2SM-R-U is one such acoustic guitar which has a professional look to it. This is because of the distinctive headstock bridge and the well designed pick up designs. The colour in which this particular guitar is available is spalted maple.

This one is a dreadnought guitar with Catalpa sides and back. It features the standard X bracing pattern as the previous product. The truss rod provided is fully adjustable and the guitar comes with chrome die cast tuners.

It has been very carefully designed and created by skilled technicians, which assures smooth fret ends, precision low action and good resonance. What makes this the perfect product for anybody looking for an acoustic guitar, is that it is easy to play and offers great levels of comfort.

These features of the acoustic guitar makes it a value for money product that will last a lifetime and help you create beautiful music throughout.


5. Yamaha FG JR1

Yamaha FG JR1

The Yamaha FG JR1 acoustic guitar is a world of its own. It has been made with many different types of rare wood such as a spruce top, Indonesian back and sides, Nato neck and Javanese rosewood fingerboard.

This acoustic guitar is available at an affordable price and a beautiful natural wood color. Since this guitar is ¾ size, it is ideal for young players just beginning to learn how to play the instrument. Other features include a chrome hardware.

The guitar is compact in nature and delivers sound that is authentic and of top quality. The guitar comes with a gig bag in which you can easily carry the guitar when you go for gigs and tours.

Yamaha has been producing some of the best musical instruments for years now. The customer has earned the complete trust of all its customers through good quality instruments and their overall service. Keeping all these factors in mind, it can be said that this product is worth the purchase.


6. Fender CD-60S

Fender CD-60S

One more product from the house of Austin Bazaar, the Fender CD-60S acoustic guitar is available in an elegant dark brown color. It has been designed to look stylish and sophisticated. This model is one of the best of Fender’s products.

This acoustic guitar can be played by individuals of any and all age groups. Be it a beginner or a pro looking for a versatile product, this is well suited to everyone. The body style of this guitar is dreadnought.

It has a solid mahogany top with scalloped “X†bracing pattern, which provides extra resonance. The back and sides, too, are made of mahogany wood. The guitar has an easy to play neck and the fingerboard has rolled edges.

Lastly, the guitar comes with a hardshell gig bag which will protect your guitar from any external damage. In addition to this, it also comes with a guitar strap, guitar picks, guitar strings and a clip on digital tuner. These accessories are quite necessary for your guitar.


7. Yamaha JR1

Yamaha JR1

Yet another great product from Yamaha, the JR1 FG model is a ¾ size guitar which is available in a natural wood color. This one is a perfect guitar for beginners due to its small size, which makes it easier for new learners to handle the instrument.

This acoustic guitar is ideal for small children, and also if you travel around a lot since it is easy to carry around. The body depth is 80-90 mm, fingerboard width is 43 mm and the strings scale is 540 mm.

It has a spruce top, Meranti back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and bridge. It comes with a great and efficient starter kit which includes a gig bag, guitar strap, a set of picks, a guitar tuner, capo, Yamaha folk guitar strings and even an instructional DVD to help you learn the basics of how to play, in case you are a beginner.

This popular choice of guitar has a beautiful sound quality and has been crafted by well skilled craftsmen. These factors make the guitar one of the best acoustic guitars under 500.


8. Yamaha Fd01S

Yamaha Fd01S

The Yamaha Fd01S acoustic guitar is the perfect guitar for a beginner, at the same time being suitable for intermediate as well as professional players. The guitar has a solid top with excellent projection and tone.

This product will last for a lifetime, helping the player grow with the guitar and enjoy the experience. It has a solid spruce top with Nato or eastern Mahogany back and sides. The fingerboard and bridge is made of rosewood.

The guitar needs to be professionally set up to achieve the player’s preferences. The guitar comes with a gigmaker deluxe acoustic guitar package. This package includes everything a beginner needs to start learning the guitar.

The package includes a protective gig bag, a tuner, a guitar strap, picks, replacement strings and an instructional DVD. The purpose of the DVD is to give you some basic knowledge about tuning, picking, common chords and how to change strings.


9. Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products

This product is a full sized acoustic guitar available in the sunburst shade of color. The 41 inch guitar set has been designed with a 21 fret fingerboard and steel strings. It is well suited to both beginners as well as professional players.

It has a stylish wood construction. The natural and all-wood design gives this acoustic guitar a sleek and classic style. The additional details done with real care makes the guitar look even better.

The additional accessories that come with the guitar is a digital tuner, guitar pick, capo, shoulder strap, replacement guitar strings and cleaning rag. Along with this it also comes with a foam padded nylon gig bag that will provide ultimate protection to the guitar from dust and other external damage.

This acoustic guitar, unlike some others, does not require to be assembled, since it comes in a ready to use out of the box manner. If you are looking for a simple guitar yet one that produces great sound, then this acoustic guitar is the one for you.


10. Yamaha F325D

Yamaha F325D

Yamaha guitars have been used again and again because of the great quality and service that it provides. This Yamaha model is just as good as any other Yamaha guitar. It is available in the sunburst shade of color, which gives the guitar a warm tone and adds to the elegance of its overall look.

The guitar is perfect for beginners and students. It has a spruce top, fretboard made of rosewood and comes with chrome tuners. The Yamaha guitar bundle includes a clip-on chromatic tuner, extra set of strings, an instructional DVD, a polishing cloth, guitar picks and a guitar strap.

This is a dreadnought guitar which can be played with great ease and comfort and which provides great noise. The guitar features a sunburst finish, which is done keeping quality in mind. The subtle black and white binding of the guitar makes the guitar look different and unique compared to other guitars.


11. Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS

Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS

Another Oscar Schimdt acoustic guitar, the OG1FYS model is ¾ size and comes with a high gloss flame yellow sunburst finish. This guitar is for right handed individuals. The product is ideal for students, beginners or for people with small hands.

It has a spruce top and the back and sides are made of Catalpa wood, which makes the guitar adept at producing good resonance. The truss rod is fully adjustable and the guitar comes with chrome die cast tuners.

The neck of the guitar is made of mahogany wood and the fingerboard and bridge is made of rosewood. The shape of the body of the guitar is dreadnought – which is a common shape among most acoustic guitars. If you are looking for an easy to hold and play guitar and which is also affordable then this is a product you must consider purchasing.


12. Yamaha JR2

Yamaha JR2

This Yamaha guitar is 33 inch in size and is available in sunburst color, which gives a classic and sophisticated look to the guitar and makes the player look even better. Much like most other acoustic guitars, this guitar also has a spruce top.

The back and sides are made of mahogany and the fretboard and bridge are made of rosewood. The neck is made of Nato wood.

The bundle that comes along with the guitar is truly great, since it offers everything that you will need to play the guitar. This can save you the extra money and energy required to buy such other necessities.

The bundle includes an easy-to-use clip on tuner which will help you keep your guitar in tune. The gig bag ensures that the guitar remains safe and protected from any kind of damage. You do not have to worry about your strings getting damaged, as there are extra strings that come in the bundle.

A set of picks are also available in the bag. The instructional DVD is provided so that you can learn some basics on how to tune the guitar amongst other things. Lastly, a polishing cloth is also provided, so that you keep your guitar clean and shiny at all times.


13. Epiphone FT-100

Epiphone FT-100

The FT-100 acoustic guitar is one of the best acoustic guitars under 500 that Epiphone has to offer to its customers. Not only is this guitar stylish and elegant, but also produces great sound as well which makes this model worth buying.

Once again, the body shape of the guitar is dreadnought, which is suited to music such as folk, rock, country and everything in between. The dreadnought sound can be overbearing and commanding when it is required.

However, it also has a balanced sound, which means that no matter what the volume, you can be heard and you can hear yourself without any difficulty. It has a mahogany neck which has a 1960’s slimtaper neck profile.


14. Ibanez AW54OPN

Ibanez AW54OPN

The artwood series by Ibanez aims to create guitars that are traditional yet modern. This acoustic guitar is available in dreadnought shape. It has a solid mahogany top, neck, back and sides and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

What makes this acoustic guitar different from others, is the open pore natural finish which is able to show off the guitar’s naturally rich woodgrain. The guitar has a tortoise shell pickguard and chrome die-cast tuners.

If you are looking for a quality acoustic guitar that produces great sound and resonance, then you might try considering this particular model.


15. Seagull S6

Seagull S6

The Seagull S6 original acoustic guitar is a gear hero HQ exclusive limited edition flat black guitar that has a truly well finished and glossy body. With this guitar in your hands, you are in for a lot of attention from those listening to you- be it your friends, family or an audience at a cafe.

This particular guitar has been manufactured in Canada. It has a double action truss rod, tusq nut and for improved intonation, it has a saddle. The headstock has been tapered to ensure better tuning and since this is great for open tunings as well.

The body of the guitar has been made by blending mahogany and maple. The neck is made of silverleaf maple and the fretboard is made of rosewood. The guitar comes with a gig bag and a set of picks as well.


FAQs On Acoustic Guitars Under $500

1. Can You Buy Good Acoustic Guitars Under 500?

It is absolutely possible to find some of the best acoustic guitars under 500. A good guitar is not supposed to cost you thousands of dollars, that is a misconception. However, you must make an informed choice, while buying a guitar keeping all factors mentioned above in your mind.

2. Are $500 Acoustic Guitars Upgradable?

Acoustic guitars under $500 can be easily upgraded and it is, in fact, advised that you upgrade it. You can turn an average guitar into a great one by doing so. Changes like a new nut or an advanced preamp system are needed.

If you feel that you are not confident to make these upgrades on your own then you must take the help of a professional technician. Making such upgrades will only facilitate helping your guitar function better.


The market offers a plethora of options for you to choose from when you set out to purchase an acoustic guitar for yourself. Consider all the options at your disposal. Also, take into consideration all the factors that will guide you in buying the best acoustic guitar under 500.

Models under 500$ are usually superb in both quality and looks. Middle range guitars like these are going through a revolution, and it is best to purchase these as compared to other high end products.

Keeping such things in mind, you can go ahead and purchase the best acoustic guitar for yourself and have an unforgettable musical experience for life.

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