Best Classical Guitars 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Lagrima2. Yamaha3.  Best Choice Products
Lagrima 38-inch Acoustic Guitar Best Classical GuitarYamaha C40IIBest Choice Products 30in

A lot of people would tell you that music means the world to them. And they are not wrong either. Music can be a great escape from the usual routine of life. It keeps you calm, keeps you motivated and even serves as a friend in times when you are feeling low.

If you are one of such people, we are sure you can relate to what we are saying. And the best part is that music can take many forms.


While some might like the good old classical, others might identify more with modern tunes and songs. While a certain category of people can’t get enough of rap or pop, others are more interested in metal or hard rock. Purists often prefer the unadulterated high of jazz, while some like to indulge in a little blues from time to time.

But no matter what the kind of music you like, the one fact everyone unanimously agrees on, is that the world would have been a duller place if not for music. Where else would you find the amazing melodies belted out from a best classical guitar, or the powerful tunes generated by a piano?

Classical Guitar: Why It’s the Best

Now when it comes to music, you can’t really have any without the instruments. While it’s true that a lot of it has been digitized now, there are some kinds of music that the computer can never really replace. There is just something about the authenticity of live physical instruments that is unbeatable.

Even amongst the instruments though, there are some which will always remain crowd favorites and more popular than the rest. A prime example of those is the classical guitar.  The guitar is arguably the most popular instrument in all of music.

While the traditional pianos and drum sets are all alive and well, the sheer popularity of the guitar has more or less taken all of them by storm. And there are various reasons behind that too.

1. Convenience

For starters, it is really a very convenient instrument. Think of the drum set. It is indeed a complete build in itself – with so many different parts all distinct from one another and each of them serving a vital role in the final build.

Lose or damage even a single one of those parts, and your music will sound incomplete. Similarly, there is the keyboard. Although it does not have as many moving and distinct parts as the drum set, it still is a complicated instrument to learn and specially to master because of the large number of keys present.

With a guitar, all you have is six strings and a few chords that you need to memorize. And that is all it takes for you to start playing the guitar. Granted, it takes months, and sometimes years of practice to really become a pro at it, but you can always start early and strong because it requires so little effort.

2. Cost

Another advantage that you get is that the guitar is much cheaper than the other instruments. When it comes to musical instruments, when you are talking about prices, you cannot just talk about the individual cost of the instrument itself. Once you have bought the instrument, you also need to learn it.

And that sometimes requires additional classes from a music tutor. And believe it or not, those classes can get expensive. If you want to learn how to play the drum set, the prices for those classes would be much more expensive, than what they would be if you wanted to play the guitar.

Another thing to mention here is that you don’t always have to go to a music tutor to learn an instrument. Since this is the digital age, a great option would be to simply go online and search for tutorial videos.

But even with these, you would find much more and better explained videos for playing the guitar than what you would find for other instruments.

Top 15 Best Classical Guitars 2020

1. Lagrima 38-inch Acoustic Guitar

Lagrima 38-inch Acoustic Guitar Best Classical Guitar

The LAGRIMA 38-inch Beginner Acoustic Guitar is perfect for all ages, right down to kids and all the way up to mature adults. It is perfectly suitable for all customers and has properties that make it an apt instrument to start with.
It is 38 inches in size and is a perfect shiny blue in color.

With this guitar kit, you get the perfect means to engross your kids or teens in a productive and meaningful activity, and even get something to indulge in yourself if that’s what you are looking for.

As far as the construction of the guitar is concerned, it is built sturdily with no room for weak spots. It is highly durable and is made of an all wood construction, along with steel strings which are almost unbreakable.

Finally, there is a glossy smooth finish on top, so that everything looks great apart from sounding amazing. If you talk about the music, you would be happy to know that it comes with a high precision knob and a metallic and ABS material which gives it a solid tune.

The surface coating design of the guitar will prevent your fingers from getting hurt while playing. The dimensions of the guitar are 38.6″, 15.4″ and 2.4″ respectively in terms of length, width and height.

It is a highly portable, small and lightweight instrument which can be carried around anywhere for easy learning. The guitar in itself will not be as exciting, if it was not accompanied by amazing accessories such as a nylon case which is included for storage and easy transportation.

Other than that, you get a tuner, which is a really handy device that lets you tune your guitar easily by indicating whether the strings are sounding the way they are supposed to. You also get a set of picks so that you can play conveniently and a strap to make it easier to carry the guitar around. Finally, there are also extra strings, in case you happen to break the ones already installed.


2. Yamaha C40II

Yamaha C40II

Yamaha is a company which needs no introduction, since it is one of the best classical guitar brands. If you are even remotely familiar with the music industry, you would know that a lot of great music instruments are manufactured by the house of Yamaha.

A lot of big names use them, and a lot of countries import these in order to sell them to their public. They have great market value and have been making instruments since many years now.

Also, the reason why they sell so much is because they come with great quality assurance, and are also good at managing customer relations. All complaints or queries are looked into with due promptness, and that makes them a favorite among musicians.

The Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar, in line with what the brand promises, is a great instrument that functions very well for all kinds of customers and occasions. It has a spruce top along with Meranti back & sides. The fingerboard and bridge have been manufactured using rosewood.

This gives them the enhanced durability and toughness that all guitars must have. They are not prone to breaking easily, and that is all because of the careful construction of the instrument. Finally, it has been made with a glossy finish that makes it look good and appealing as well.


3. Best Choice Products 30in

Best Choice Products 30in

The Best Choice Products 30-inch Kids Classical Acoustic Guitar is a great device that can teach your kids how to be productive and use their time constructively from an early age. This product is something you would definitely want in your house, as it has all the qualities you would want in an instrument for the kids.

In fact, it even works pretty well when an adult is the one learning or playing. Suitable for all ages, this guitar never fails to disappoint in terms of the build quality or the music tone. While it is absolutely perfect for beginners in the craft, even experienced musicians and professional artists will have a great time playing this guitar.

It has a small design for an acoustic guitar, which makes it easy for kids to use who generally have small hands, and therefore could face problems handling a larger instrument. Even for adults who are beginners when it comes to guitar playing, the small size will make it easier to learn and play.

A big problem that a lot of guitar players often face, is that their fingers tend to start hurting or become red and swollen after long hours of playing. This is due to the fact that guitar strings are often tough on fingers and continued contact with rigorous movements can further aggravate the situation.

Luckily, when it comes to this guitar, they have used low-action strings which prevent finger straining and also a compact 30-inch body which is small enough to let beginners learn easily.

As mentioned before, it is not just small or easy to learn, but also excellent in sound quality due to nylon strings and the classical-style body which come together to create a warm and resonant sound, enhanced further with smooth tuning pegs for easy tuning.

Now the guitar won’t be complete in itself, if it didn’t come with some very apt accessories, such as a gig bag if you need help carrying it around and a digital clip-on tuner, which is the most convenient piece of technology you could have when it comes to tuning your guitar.

All you need to do is attach the tuner to the fretboard and pluck a string. The tuner will then let you know if the string sounds the way you want it to. There is also a guitar pick which further adds user convenience and a guitar strap to help you carry the instrument while playing.

Finally, you get a pitch pipe and replacement guitar strings in case you happen to break the ones already installed and have everything you need at the ready. The dimensions of the guitar are 30″, 11″ and 2.75″ in terms of length, width and height respectively.


4. Best Choice Products 41in Full Size

Best Choice Products 41in Full Size

The Best Choice Products 41-inch Full Size Beginner Acoustic Cutaway Guitar Set is the product you are looking for, if you are into music or thinking of picking up the guitar. It has a great reach due to the fact that it is a convenient instrument with a simple build and versatile utility.

You will be making great music in no time, since it is very easy to learn and is suitable for both kids and adults. Kids especially, are going to love this product since it is small in size, making it easy for them to handle, and also looks great which is always something that appeals to younger audiences.

It comes with an amazing set of accessories as well, all of which complement the guitar so that it works at optimum capacity. There is the strap which you can attach and will make it easier for you to hold the instrument while you are playing it.

There is the capo, which is something guitarists often use to hold certain chords in place. There is a digital tuner which is an amazing device that will make it much simpler for you to tune the guitar. All you need to do is attach the tuner to the fretboard and pluck a string. The tuner will then let you know if the string sounds the way you want it to.

A polishing cloth has also been provided in case the guitar happens to get dirty after a while, as all things do. A set of 4 guitar picks has also been given which is something that can further enhance the convenience factor while playing the instrument.

Finally, there are additional strings included in case you happen to break the ones already installed. As far as the build is concerned, you have got nothing to worry about, as it has been very conveniently designed and manufactured with a 41-inch, user-friendly body that makes it perfect for both beginner and experienced guitarists.

Another highlight of the product is its bright and rich sound which makes you sound like one of the pros in the field. This beautiful sound is a result of this guitar’s dreadnought body and cutaway design, which contribute to a vibrant tone that is perfectly suitable for all styles of music, no matter what genre you are into.

The fingerboard has again been designed keeping the user’s requirements in mind. It is high in quality and includes 20 brass frets with position marks at the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th frets on both sides. Finally, the nylon gig bag that comes with it is foam padded and will protect your guitar from damage while in storage or even on the road.


5. Beginner Classical Acoustic Guitar

Beginner Classical Acoustic Guitar

When it comes to beginner instruments, the Beginner Classical Acoustic Guitar is easily the best fit. If you are just starting out with guitar playing or even music in general, then this instrument can become the perfect guide for you.

It will let you learn easily and at your own pace. While some other instruments, such as a best Spanish guitar that you will find in the markets might prove to be a bit much for a beginner like you, this one makes no such assumptions and is actually crafted keeping inexperienced players in mind.

However, that is not to say that experienced or professional players won’t be able to play this guitar. It is highly suitable for all kinds of audiences and age groups. It is a 3/4 size acoustic guitar with an overall length of 36.5″, which is quite perfect for a young musician or beginner in the field.

As far as the looks are concerned, you will be pleasantly surprised by how aesthetic it is, with a perfectly shaped body and beautiful spanish guitar styling. It is worth mentioning here that this sort of styling is usually only found on guitars that are double this price amount.

Finally, it comes with an ornate sound hole and a binding carry bag which can be used to easily transport it from one place or another, without worrying about breakage or damages.


6. Yamaha CGS104A

Yamaha CGS104A

When it comes to Yamaha, you know you are investing in quality. The brand has been in the business for so long, that they are perfectly aware what is it that the customers like and what is it that they don’t.

They make a whole variety of music instruments, and the guitar is one of their most bought and in-demand products. Acoustic classic guitars are always trending and are sold heavily to young musicians, but when you attach the Yamaha tag, the popularity shoots up even higher.

With a great deal of user appreciation and trust, the brand has managed to stay on top of their game for so long. When it comes to the Yamaha CGS104A Full-Size Classical Guitar, it’s not much of a surprise to note that it works beautifully and is suitable for all ages.

It comes with classical nylon-strings, and is specifically an acoustic guitar designed for students and beginners. As far as the measurements are concerned, it is standard-length with a 25-5/8″ scale neck and a 2.05″ wide nut.

These measurements have specifically been chosen simply because, as a beginner or a kid, you won’t want the guitar to not fit in your hands, as that could make it difficult for you in the learning phase.

While professional or experienced players won’t be bothered as much by the larger size, beginners most likely would be. And that is why choosing these size specifications was a critical aspect for the instrument. The top is made of spruce, while the bottom and sides are nato.

The fingerboard and bridge on the other hand are made of rosewood which gives them added durability and enhances the build, so that it does not break easily while in storage or on the road.


7. Classical Acoustic Guitar

Classical Acoustic Guitar

When it comes to classical acoustic guitars, you want an instrument that is lightweight, highly portable and easy to play. And if these are specifically the features that you are looking for, then this is the product for you. This guitar has features that are geared towards beginners and young musicians.

However, learned artists will also have as much fun playing it, and won’t have any complaints whatsoever. It is a full-size guitar with a total length of 38 inches, making it comfortable to play and quite accurate when it comes to the music produced.

It also has nylon strings which don’t just have a positive effect on the tunes that you play, but are also strong enough to not break easily. While a lot of guitarists, especially those who play professionally often have to deal with broken strings due to plucking too hard, the nylon strings in this instrument won’t give you such troubles.

The back and sides of this product are crafted with elegant basswood, which not just gives it a great look, but also makes sure that the guitar remains strong and tough on all fronts.

Finally, in order to aid your convenience with it, the guitar comes with a handy carry bag that will make it much easier for you to transport it from one place to another. It will also shield the instrument from damages or breakage.


8. Strong Wind Classical Acoustic

Strong Wind Classical Acoustic

This one is a full-sized classical guitar that will prove to be an amazing instrument for both beginners and professionals alike. It is sturdily built and is of the highest quality that you would find in this price range. While the brand itself is quite dependable and worthy of your time, this product manages to combine all of the essential features that guitarists often look for.

The sound quality, which is arguably one of the most important aspects, is top notch and so is the customer service being offered by the brand. It measures a total of 39 inches and uses nylon strings for better strength and enhanced music quality. It is more suitable for people over 12 years old, such as your teenager kid, any young adult or a professional guitar player.

It looks and sounds great and is quite easy to play for any beginner or an experienced player. The top, back and sides are composed of solid basswood, and it also features a laminated linden top and a sturdy 4/4 size dreadnought body.

The body is supplemented with smooth curves which promote comfort while playing. It is especially convenient for beginners who are not used to the structure of the guitar, and thus face a hard time adapting to the shape. Another problem that guitarists often face is that their instruments tend to go out of tune a lot.

This problem is tackled effectively by installing pegs which are smooth and well made. Those are the exact same qualities that you would find in the pegs of this beginner guitar. They are easy to adjust and fiddle with, because of the chrome geared tuning heads.

As a result, it becomes much easier to keep the guitar in tune. Now if you are going to buy this guitar, one thing you should take note of is that the nylon strings may stretch when played for the first time, which is why it is advised that you tune it roughly every 5 minutes when you play it.

After some initial couple of times that you have done this, the instrument will effectively hold its tune and you won’t have to tune it anymore.


9. Left-Handed Classical Acoustic

Left-Handed Classical Acoustic

While you will easily find a lot of options when it comes to classical acoustic guitars, not all of them will be as good as the others. Luckily, the Left-Handed Classical Acoustic Guitar is one of the good ones. It has an upgraded spruce top for improved clarity and sound.

The design itself has been inspired by the beautiful style of Spanish guitars. The body of the instrument has been crafted of elegant basswood, which gives it a great finish and also makes it highly durable.

Due to the high-quality wood and solid structure, this one won’t break easily and will let you play on and on for hours. There is a free carry bag included with the purchase, so that you can easily carry the instrument around. In a limited capacity, it will also protect it from accidental damages or breakage. As far as the setup is concerned, it follows standard procedure, where the bottom 3 strings are steel and the top 3 are nylon.


10. Ibanez 6 GA5TCE

Ibanez 6 GA5TCE

This one works especially well for seasoned as well as amateur artists. It does not matter whether you have a considerable amount of experience with playing the guitar or are simply someone who wishes to start learning, the way the instrument is crafted, it won’t disappoint you either way.

It carries some really amazing properties such as toughness and great sound. It also does come with its own set of accessories which make a product worth your time and attention.

It is a 6 stringed classical guitar for the right-handed and comes with a spruce top for that added layer of strength. It also makes it look good with a glossy finish and a shiny exterior.

The back and sides are made of mahogany, which is another strong material factoring in towards the increased durability. It also has a thin line body which works great for beginners who might not be used to bulky guitar bodies.


11. Kremona Romida Artist Series

Kremona Romida Artist Series

A guitar can only be as good and tough as the materials and kind of wood used to manufacture it. Luckily, this one has been made using only the highest quality materials and which is why it is one of the best classical guitars you will find on this list.

It has a solid European spruce top, which gives it an added layer of toughness and makes it last long, while surviving any accidental damages or potential breakages. Another primary constituent in the making is solid Indian rosewood, which is another tough ingredient which also makes the instrument look good.

The fingerboard and bridge are ebony, giving the guitar a glossy yet elegant finish, and then there is even an authentic bone nut and saddle.

It has been exclusively handcrafted in Bulgaria – making it one of the few products to have genuine authenticity when it comes to materials and manufacturing. Needless to say, it also sounds great and would be a perfect gifting option for someone who wants to start learning the guitar.


12. Ovation Balladeer AB24CII-CED

Ovation Balladeer AB24CII-CED

This one is a new age instrument crafted using latest technologies and materials which have been proven to be sturdy and long lasting. With Ovation Lyrachord Mid-Depth Cutaway and an Ovangkol Fingerboard, Applause by Ovation CE304T comes with three band EQ and a built-in tuner.

The advantage that you gain from having a built-in tuner installed, is the fact that you won’t have to spend time tuning the guitar every now and then. Since it won’t be losing its tune nearly as much as the other instruments from this category, you won’t have to worry about whether the guitar is in tune or not all the time.

There is also an Ovation Under the Saddle Piezo Pickup included with the purchase, which makes it more convenient to play, especially for beginner artists. It comes with a spruce top giving it a shiny finish and an elegant final look.

Some accessories that are recommended along with the product are either the Ovation hard-shell case or the zero-gravity guitar case, both of which will complement the product really well.


13. ADM Beginner Classical Guitar

ADM Beginner Classical Guitar

The ADM Beginner Classical Guitar is the perfect way to start your musical journey. If you are a beginner who wishes to try their luck with a guitar, you have come to the right place. When it comes to musical instruments, ADM certainly knows what they are doing.

While they manufacture other instruments as well, the guitar is certainly one of their most prized offerings. This one comes in a size of 34 inches, with nylon strings that are strong enough to not break while playing, which is a common problem that many guitarists often have to face.

This particular product is absolutely perfect for learners aged between 6 and 12. However, that is not to say that adults cannot reap its benefits.

For older customers who tend to face difficulties playing a full-sized guitar and must use a capo with it, this instrument will prove to be quite effective. Another highlight of the product is that it comes with a spruce top, along with basswood back and sides which when combined, manage to bring you surprisingly rich and bright sound.

The strings have been made out of nylon and steel which are two of the toughest materials you could use. As a result, the strings don’t break easily and let students play on for hours.

Another advantage of using these materials is that the fingers of musicians are protected from the harmful effects of prolonged playing. Also, they produce beautiful and high-quality music that fits right in the jazz or classical genres. The sound hole has been made attractively through which you can realize the classic mosaic effect.

Made using modern 3D effect printing technology, it not just affects the sound quality but also gives you better visual enjoyment. Finally, just in case anything goes wrong with the product, you can always claim back your money through their 100% money back guarantee scheme within one month and even avail an extra one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


14. Cordoba C5-CE

Cordoba C5-CE

The Cordoba C5-CE Electric Nylon String Guitar comes with nylon strings which are tough to break. You would often find guitarists struggling with strings that break too often. Luckily, that will never be a problem with this one.

It also has a few accessories that will easily make your purchase much more worthwhile. The guitar has a body depth of 95 mm or 3.7″ at upper bout and 100 mm or 3.9″ at lower bout. The body width is 375 mm or 14.57″ at lower bout and 290mm or 11.42” at upper bout while the length is 485 mm or 19.09″.

These measurements make the instrument handy and portable enough to carry around. That way, you won’t have to deal with problems such as leaving it behind in case you tend to travel a lot. A major highlight of this product is the Fishman Isys+ with onboard tuner, which is a great device you can use to tune your guitar in a matter of minutes.

Another common problem that guitarists often face is that their instruments tend to go out of tune a lot. If that happens, they then must spend some time trying to get the guitar back in tune.

Luckily with the onboard tuner, you won’t have to worry about it. The strings are Savarez Cristal Corum High Tension 500CJ, which are really high quality and as mentioned before, won’t break easily even after rigorous playing. The top of the guitar is made of solid Canadian cedar which not just gives it a glossy finish, but also keeps it sturdy and tough.


15. Antonio Giuliani CL-5

Antonio Giuliani CL-5

When the brand itself is quite extraordinary, you can’t be surprised if the product turns out great. And that is exactly the case with this final entry on our list. Kennedy Violins is known for having the highest-quality and service, and manufacturing instruments that are made to perform.

Music is something they excel in, and all of their instruments in the market serve as a testimony to this fact. Be it guitars, violins or any other stringed instruments, they certainly find a way to make it work. Till date, most of their instruments have achieved record sales, and all of that is only because of their stellar craftsmanship.

When it comes to playing music, a common saying is that you can only get as good as the instrument you are playing. As a result, owning a good quality guitar is quite essential if you are planning to start learning or are already an established musician.

When you play your music with the best quality guitar, it does make all the difference in the world. While the Antonio Giuliani Classical Mahogany Guitar is a great instrument, it does need certain accessories to supplement it and truly make it shine.

Some of these include a premium heavy-duty Giuliani padded guitar case, which can be used to carry the guitar around and protect it from accidental damages to a limited extent, and a microfiber cleaning cloth to scrub the guitar clean – in case it gets dirty or loses its shine.

There are also genuine Savarez or D’Addario nylon strings installed, which are almost unbreakable and are crafted to produce beautiful musical notes, and also Portland backup strings in case you happen to break the ones already installed.

The instrument has been completely assembled and set up by experts and is in a ready to play state while the frets of the guitar have been hand-leveled, crowned and polished. All fret ends have been dressed for your comfort as well, in case you feel uncomfortable playing with regular frets.

Finally, in case you are worried about manufacturing defects or any other problems that you might face after purchase, you don’t have to worry anymore, since the brand offers a lifetime warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee for all of their Giuliani CL-5 acoustic guitars.



While buying a classic acoustic guitar may seem like a daunting task, it really is not. We do understand that for someone who really has no background in music, it can all seem a bit much and the options may seem a little overwhelming. But it really is not.

All you really need is a little bit of inside knowledge that you can easily get from reading up a little or watching some reviews. You could even talk to someone who is into music and knows about what works and what clearly does not.

And the best option of them all is to simply go through the buyer guide we have curated for you above, and you would have all the knowledge you could possibly need to ace that purchase.

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