Best Electric Guitars For Beginners 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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An electric guitar is an instrumental part of a band. It has a massive impact on a song and needs utmost respect. It is only right that you do meticulous research before you make the purchase. To help determine the best electric guitar for you, consider the following steps below:


1. Determine Who The Guitar Is For

There are so many “best electric guitars” out there. For you to purchase the best one, you first have to determine who the recipient is. For this article, let us assume that you are buying if for yourself. If you are a seasoned guitarist, you probably already know what you want.

Figure out what you need a new guitar for, and the exact specifications. If you are just starting out , you have to study the different kinds of body, sound, hardware, and designs before making a decision. Be mindful that the right quality instruments can be expensive.

If you’ve been playing long, it’s okay to invest in the higher-end models. For beginners, it might be best to go for a basic guitar over one that has all the upgrades. Lastly, always do your research before buying a guitar. If you find one that meets all your specifications, start reading reviews so you can determine if it is indeed the best guitar.

2. Determine Your Budget And Stick To It

Decide what your budget is and stick to it. If you’re a beginner, go for the basics. Do not research models that are way above your budget, because that exercise will be futile.

Get a high-quality piece, and purchase the essentials, like an amplifier and a cable. It would be best to forego all other accessories in the meantime until you are committed to playing the instrument in the long term.

3. Determine The Look You Are Going For

How you look with a guitar is an important consideration. To make an educated decision, consider the body type, neck construction, and tonewood that you want to have. These will have an impact on the sound produced. Another option is to go the more natural route: hold a guitar and look in the mirror.

Guitar Body Types

The body of the guitar can vary in shape and color, but its foundation boils down to three different types. Each of these has distinct characteristics that affect the sound.

  • Solid body

The solid body is pure wood inside the guitar. Its lack of hollow space significantly minimizes feedback and improve sustain. It’s look can vary – from a simple-looking guitar to a decorated one equipped with several electronic options. This type is common in most of the popular music genres like rock and country.

  • Hollow Body

The hollow body is crafted similarly to an acoustic guitar, and also produces the same airy sound. It provides more reverberation, which means it tends to have more feedback when the volume is set too high. Jazz and country players favor this type.

  • Semi-Hollow Body

The semi-hollow body is a balance between the types mentioned above. It has more resonance compared to a solid body, but it lessens the feedback that is experienced in guitars with a hollow body. There is a piece of a solid wood block at the center of the guitar which gives the instrument more sustain. Blues and rock musicians prefer its distinct sound.

Neck Construction Types

The neck is the extended part of the guitar which includes the frets and the headstock. The profile and width of the neck play an important role, because this is where the hand intimately interacts with the guitar.

Ideally, those with small hands should use narrower necks, while those with bigger hands can use the broader necks. The more comfortable a musician is, the better and smoother the fretting will be.

  • Bolt-on

A bolt-on type means the neck has a bolt that attaches it to the body. It is probably the most cost-efficient way of connecting the two parts. Repairs and replacements can be done quickly for this type of construction. According to guitar experts, it provides less sustain and resonance compared to the other types.

  • Set Neck

The set neck means that the neck of the guitar is “set” in place to the body. It is attached by gluing the two parts together. It’s a very stable type of connection which makes repairs more difficult to do. A good thing with this type of neck construction, though is it offers better sustain and reverberation.

  • Neck-through

The neck-through guitars have a laminated neck that goes through the entire body. It is the most stable of the neck constructs and offers the most sustain and resonance. Repairs for these kinds of guitars are complicated and expensive, given the complexity of the job.


The type of wood that is used also affects the overall look and sound produced. Below are some of the most common types of tonewood used in beginner guitars.

  • Mahogany

Mahogany is one of the most common types of wood used by guitar manufacturers. It is usually for acoustic guitars, but can also be used for electric. It is very durable, affordable, and resonant. Since mahogany is not that hard, it’s sound is not as full either. Instead, it gives the electric guitar a more mellow tone, much like that of an acoustic guitar.

  • Maple

Maple is probably the most common type of wood used for guitar necks. It is of medium weight, its tone is considerably bright, and it has distinct grain patterns called figuring. These characteristics make for beautiful top wood laminates. This wood produces good sustain and brings out the richness of the guitar’s sound.

  • Rosewood

Rosewood is quite common in the production of fretboards. Its colors vary, ranging from an almost black to blond, and sometimes even with hints of purple. It is incredibly dense and hard, which makes it very sturdy. Rosewood also produces a warm, rich sound with great resonance.

  • Alder

Alder is a lightweight type of wood used in the body of guitars. It allows for excellent resonance and sustain. It also has a beautiful grain figuring that adds character to the overall look of the instrument. Expensive models are usually manufactured using this wood.

4. Determine The Sound You Want

To determine the sound you want, you must first decide what genre you want to play. From there, you can choose as to what scale length you need, and the pickups you will use.

Scale Length

Scale length refers to the string length. It is measured from the nut to the bridge. The longer it is, the tighter the tension of the strings, which produces a more defined low tone. The shorter the length, the less tension it has, which makes the sound warmer. Shorter scale lengths also make it easier to operate, especially for those with small hands.


Electric guitars have a pickup or a device that converts the vibrations into an electrical signal, which is amplified through a speaker. The pickups will give character to the sound you will produce.

  • Single-coil Pickups

Fender is known for using single-coil pickups. This type only one coil of wire, and it produces a bright, crisp, and old school sound. Some of the genres that usually use this pick up are rock and roll, country music, and the blues. The foremost concern musicians have regarding this is its susceptibility to a humming noise.

  • Humbucker Pickups

Gibson introduced the bar, which is an electro-magnetic pickup, in the 1960s. This accessory eliminates the humming that is evident in single-coil pickups.

Humbuckers carry two signals: the vibration of the string, that needs to be loud and reinforced; and the noise signal, that is “bucked” or canceled.

It produces a thicker and warmer sound, especially when it is on overdrive. Musicians who love jazz, rock and roll, and metal music usually use this. Nowadays, it is relatively common for guitars to have a combination of pickups that they can switch to and fro, depending on what kind of sound they want to produce.

5. Determine What Style You Want To Use

Once you’ve figured out all the other details, try to narrow down your options by choosing the style that you want to own. Usually, musicians copy the legends that they idolize. You can start from there, too. Find out what style and brand your favorite musician uses, and see if they have something similar that is within your budget.

Stratocaster Style

The Stratocaster or Strat is one of the most popular electric guitars in the world. It is very comfortable, and it’s look is timeless. Most young musicians choose this style for their first guitar because of its simplicity. Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton are known for using this kind of guitar.

The Strat has three single-coil pickups that give you a variety of tones. It’s the favorite of musicians who play rock, blues, pop, and country. Heavy metal players do not usually favor this style, since its pickups do not have enough gain that metalheads want.

Les Paul Style

Gibson created the Les Paul shape in the 1950s. An LP guitar is usually made of mahogany and boasts of a warmer tone, whose sustain is longer than the Strat. It often comes with two humbucker pickups that give you a rounder and thicker sound. It is perfect for musicians who play rock, metal, and blues.

Telecaster Style

The Telecaster style or Tele is one of Fender’s more popular designs. It is known for producing an intense ringing sound. It comes with two single-coil pickups that are near the bridge and the neck. It offers a variety of tones that can range from clean to rounded. Musicians who play indie and country favor the Tele.

SG Style

Gibson also created the SG style. It has a thin, double-cutaway body that makes it easier for a musician to access the frets. The guitarists of AC/DC and Black Sabbath used this kind of guitar. Rock and roll and blues players also tend to choose this style over the others.

Studying all of these specifications can be pretty daunting, especially for a young musician who is just starting off. To help you further, we came up with a list of the top 10 Best electric guitar brands for beginners. These are some of the best guitars in the market that are affordable and easy to use.

Professional musicians and amateur players alike have thoroughly reviewed each one. We have summarized the pros and cons of each model and the characteristics that make it truly unique. Hopefully, it will help you get a better idea of what kind of guitar you need.

Top 10 Best Electric Guitars For Beginners

1. IYV IBM-200

IYV IBM-200 Best Electric Guitars This guitar could be very well called the “QUEEN of all Guitars.” This beautiful piece of equipment was inspired by the Red Special, which was the electric guitar designed by Queen’s Brian May in the 1960s. Its craftsmanship exceeded expectations and is probably the closest copy you can get of the original.

Product Features

This IYV IBM-200 TRD Brian May Guitar in Trans Red is the closest replica you can find of the original Red Special. Inyen Guitars of Vietnam manufacture it. It measures approximately 42 x 16.5 x 3.1 inches and weighs about 9.9 pounds.

Its body and neck are both made of mahogany and it is constructed using a CNC machine through a 3D computer programming system. This technology gives its neck tapering quite a beautiful and accurate cut. The mahogany wood also offers great sustain when played, and its three single-coil pickups add fantastic tonal variety.

It also comes with a whammy bar that beginners can use to practice riffs. This instrument is a Strat-style guitar with 24 frets, just like how Brian May designed it. The wiring of its pickups also closely resembles the original Red Special. Its body is very lightweight, making it easy and comfortable to use, especially for beginners and intermediate players.

For the price you are paying, you will get value for your money. This instrument might be the best guitar for you if you plan on rocking out to Bohemian Rhapsody anytime soon, or if you want an iconic beauty in your living room.


  • A reasonably priced guitar of exceptional quality.
  • The neck is narrow, which makes it quite easy to use for beginner and intermediate players.
  • It offers unique and dynamic tone variations that can be achieved by manipulating the switches.
  • Its single-coil pickup is reliable, and its wiring even closely resembles the original.
  • Its sound is not too overpowering. It can be used to play nice slow ballads or for rock and roll.
  • It stays in tune, as long as you do not use it for shredding.
  • It has a whammy bar or tremolo that has an excellent smooth system. It is comparable to the one found in higher-end Fender guitars.


  • Some have reported a few buffing problems. For instance, the body, neck, and fret ends feel quite uneven. A professional can address it through a more thorough buff. You may also opt to ignore it if you’re not too particular about it.
  • Some problems might need to be fixed by professionals. One example is the position of the bridge that may need to be adjusted. The nut, in some of the guitars, was not straight and did not match the width of the binding.
  • The numbering on the knobs, particularly for tone and volume, are oriented differently.
  • The weight is lighter than what was declared. It might be about 7 pounds only, not 9.9.

What Makes It Different

The creation of this guitar happened following the success of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. It is a beautiful imitation of the Red Special whose cost is significantly cheaper compared to the original.

If you love Queen and enjoy rocking out to their songs, this is the best electric guitar for you. It is the closest you can get to royalty – rock royalty, of course.


2. Jackson JS Series

Jackson 6 String JS Series Dinky Arch Top JS22 Electric Guitar (Snow White, Amaranth Fingerboard), AFB (2910121500) We have dubbed this as the “Dinky Guitar.” It’s name comes from its lightweight body that is so comfortable to use. Those who own this claim that it is the best electric guitar for aspiring rock and roll musicians. Why? it allows you to own a Jackson. On top of that, you get an instrument that has a beautiful tone, a sleek look, and enjoyable playability.

Product Features

This Jackson guitar comes in a beautiful Snow White color. It measures about 16 x 6 x 44 inches, and its weight is 14.9 pounds. Its manufacturer described it as “the ultimate weapon for aspiring rockers or musicians on a budget.” Its description is such because you will enjoy a high-quality guitar at a cost that will not break the bank.

The guitar has an impressive archtop that is beyond stunning. Its dinky double-cutaway body comes from poplar wood, which is paired beautifully with a maple seed neck. Its fretboard is also made of maple and has 24 jumbo frets embellished with the iconic shark inlays that are a trademark of Jackson.

Despite it being a budget guitar, it still possesses the trademark Jackson high output humbucking bridge, and a 3-position pickup selector switch. The sound it delivers is full and thick, even when it is on overdrive or the distortion channel. It also comes with impressive hardware like the Jackson die-cast tuners, and a 2-point fulcrum tremolo.

Several of its users describe it as the best shred guitar, because it can tolerate fast-playing, solos, and string bending action. The neck is very stable and durable because of its graphite reinforcement. This particular feature guarantees you of the guitar’s optimum performance.


  • It has humbuckers that give you a full sound, great sustain, and smooth playability.
  • It is a high-performing piece of equipment that is very affordable.
  • It’s a basic guitar that gets the job done.
  • It has a great rich tone even when being distorted. It also has sultry lead tones that are characteristic of metal and rock music.
  • Switching between the pickups is smooth and seamless.
  • Craftsmanship is lovely and has a smooth satin finish.
  • It’s easy to use, especially for beginners.
  • Tuners are not too tight and work rather well. It stays in tune even when shredding.
  • Controls are responsive and do not make unnecessary noise.
  • The body is lightweight and balanced, so that it can be played even at long periods.
  • This piece, although mostly marketed for aspiring musicians, is also enjoyed by seasoned musicians for comfortable playing.
  • It’s an excellent shred guitar.


  • The fret ends are a bit sharp, which can be very distracting. It needs to be smoothed out.
  • The tremolo doesn’t work as well as expected. It throws the guitar out of tune when used.
  • The pickup is good, but not great. It sometimes tends to “scream”, and you will have to learn how to manage that.

What Makes It Different

This “Dinky Guitar” is the best shred guitar that you can get for its price. Its owners claim that this masterpiece could easily rival some of the more expensive necks in the market. You definitely cannot go wrong with this instrument. It is affordable and exceeds one’s expectations.



ESP LTD EC-256FM The ESP LTD EC-256FM is a handsome piece of equipment used to play a variety of genres. The guitar doesn’t look or feel mid-ranged, because it has fancy features like a flamed maple top and a set-neck construction. Seeing the quality you are getting for the price you are paying, this could very well be called “the Inexpensive Expensive Guitar.”

Product Features

The ESP LTD EC-256FM Electric Guitar comes in a beautiful see-through Purple Sunburst color. It measures approximately 47 x 5 x 19 inches, and its weight is about 9.95 pounds. This instrument has a beautifully contoured body and a three-piece neck made of durable mahogany wood.

It also has a smooth rosewood fretboard and a stunning flamed maple top. The body’s shape makes it comfortable to hold and play. It is a piece that is remarkable and expensive looking. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, this guitar has some of the best electronic hardware. It has passive pickups and 22 extra-jumbo frets, which allows for excellent playability.

It also boasts of a push/pull coil tab, which you can use to turn the guitar into a Strat. It also has a coil-split mode that you can use to convert a humbucker to a single-coil, and back. This mode allows the instrument to have more versatility, and therefore provide a greater variety of tones.

The flexibility it provides its owner, makes this guitar perfect for different genres like the blues, rock and roll, heavy metal, progressive rock, fusion, and so much more.


  • The ESP LTD EC-256FM Electric Guitar is another affordable guitar. Although it’s a bit more expensive compared to the other guitars we’ve featured on the list, its quality is guaranteed to be beyond excellent.
  • The neck pickup is exceptional and smooth. Some would describe it as fitting for heavy metal music. However, it will depend on how you play it, because it could produce a variety of tones that fit different musical styles.
  • It has awesome playability. It has heavier, lower tones than the lighter ones, which makes it perfect for rock music.
  • Even if your amplifier is not state of the art, the overall tones that it produces is impressive.
  • It can also produce heavier rhythms, full tones, with less noise.


  • The quality of the tuners used are a bit cheap, and it might be best to have it upgraded.
  • The nut does not reflect the exact Gibson spacing and will also have to be adjusted, especially for those with bigger hands.
  • When shredding, some strings fall out of tune. It is advisable not to use it for that.
  • When playing heavy metal music, there will be a need to change the strings to accommodate the work that it entails.

What Makes It Different

This guitar has been described to be similar to a Les Paul custom. Aside from looking like a deluxe LP because of its gorgeous maple top, it also feels like one, too. It will be such a fantastic privilege to own something closely resembling an iconic design – without having to break the bank.


4. Ibanez GRX70QATEB

Ibanez GRX70QATEB Ibanez is a brand known for creating some of the best instruments in its class. They have mastered guitar craftsmanship and offer the best quality and playability – regardless of the price. This specific model is a beautiful example of their craftsmanship. We can call it “the Economical Ibanez”, because you become the owner of one of the best electric guitar brands in the world at an affordable cost.

Product Features

This “Economical Ibanez” guitar comes in a Transparent Green Burst color guitar. It measures 39.5 x 12.5 x 2.2 inches and weighs about 7.5 pounds. Its body is of sturdy poplar wood, and it has an exquisite quilted maple art grain top that adds to its overall aesthetic appeal.

It has a maple neck that has a characteristic New Zealand pine fingerboard, which is very smooth and easy to touch. This feature allows you to experiment on more advanced or sophisticated techniques. This guitar has 22 medium-sized frets, which makes it perfect for players who have medium or small hands.

It also comes equipped with three powerful infinity RS pickups located at the neck, middle, and bridge of the guitar. The two ceramic magnet humbuckers located at the neck and bridge, will give you a variety of killer tones, whether you are playing at a clean or distorted channel.

To add to that, it also has a 5-way selector switch that allows you to produce a lot of excellent tones. This instrument is a perfect start-up guitar because it is comfortable to use and very easy to manage.

At such an affordable cost, this model shares some features and its look with the more expensive Ibanez Models. It is a good buy for beginners and intermediate players.


  • It looks and sounds like an expensive Ibanez guitar.
  • It is easy to tune and remains stable – even when continuously used.
  • The tuners are also great, and definitely not of cheap quality.
  • It sounds excellent whether on the clean or distorted channel.
  • You can shift from playing two humbuckers to a single coil – both of which are great. It’s positioning, however, is a different story.


  • The level of the frets needs a bit of fixing, ultimately depending on the action you want to perform.
  • The guitar is slightly unbalanced. The fretboard and headstock seem to be heavier than the body. There is a need to adjust to that. It might be useful to invest in a great strap to help you balance out the weight.
  • The volume knob for some guitars seems to be slightly higher than usual. If you’ve been playing for years, you will notice the difference.
  • The tremolo “hangs limp” which could be very annoying for some people. On top of that, if you use it, you will most likely have to tune the guitar again.
  • The HSH set-up is too close together, so you cannot afford to be lazy in your pick work. The strings are pretty standard, not the best quality, but it isn’t cheap either.

What Makes It Different

There are three distinct characteristics that we love about this guitar. First, it is an affordable Ibanez. Second, its neck is impressive. It has a smooth surface that is easy on the hands. It makes playing enjoyable and effortless. Lastly, its pickups are powerful. It allows you to explore so many varieties of tones. You can shift from warm, crisp sounds to robust, rounded sounds seamlessly.


5. Traveler Guitar

Traveler Guitar We have dubbed this model the “The Travel Guitar.” It is the most compact and lightest full-scale electric guitar in the market. It can be carried anywhere and fits inside airline overhead bins. You no longer have to check it in and worry about mishandling. This model is perfect for musicians who travel a lot for gigs.

Product Features

“The Travel Guitar” was created by Traveler Guitar in the United States. This masterful innovation measures about 312 x 5.2 x 2 inches, and miraculously weighs just 3 pounds. That is about 1/3 the size of the standard electric guitar. It has a neck-through-body made of hard maple wood.

Even if it’s incredibly light, the materials used for it are guaranteed to be sturdy and durable. The neck-through construction also gives the guitar great sustain and resonance. Despite its uniquely small body, it still boasts of having a full scale.

So at just 28 inches long, this model still has the same playing area of a standard-sized guitar. It also has similar electronic features, like a dual-rail humbucker pickup and the standard 1/4 inch output. This guitar does not have a headstock, and the tuners were creatively placed at the body.

This feature is a huge advantage, because you can lay the instrument down, without having to worry that the tuners moved. This instrument also comes with a detachable lap rest that mimics the curvature of other guitars, which supposedly makes it comfortable for you to rest it on your lap.


  • It is very reasonably priced.
  • It is compact and easy to carry, making it perfect for musicians who travel a lot.
  • It has a dual-rail humbucker that offers excellent tonal variety.
  • This guitar has good sustain, too. The distortion sound is pretty good.
  • It stays in tune.
  • The travel guitar is beautiful, and you will get good value for your money. It does not look or feel like a cheap model. The hardware used is reasonably decent and durable.
  • It is ultra-lightweight.
  • Amongst all the travel guitars, this is one of, if not the best guitar.
  • It is a full-scale guitar, only shorter and more portable.


  • The size is something you will have to adjust to, especially if you have been playing with the standard-sized electric guitar for years.
  • There are no volume or tone controls. Those will have to be adjusted through the amplifier.
  • The guitar lacks balance, and it is evident even if you are seated. It takes a lot of effort to balance it, and it tends to feel awkward. The body is so ultra-lightweight that it makes the fretboard feel more substantial than usual.
  • The pickup is a bit noisy.
  • When you’re in the zone, the fingers tend to rest on the bottom tuning heads. You will most probably need to find something to cover it up while you’re playing.
  • The support bar or leg rest is not as comfortable as it looks. It slides off when you’re too busy trying to balance your guitar on your leg.
  • You cannot let the guitar stand up on its bottom and lean it against a wall. If you do, it will most likely fall over. It can’t be placed on a guitar stand either because it’s too small. The best option is to let it lie on the floor, which is not exactly a space saver if you are just at home.
  • The part where you can attach a strap seems poorly done.

What Makes It Different

The most obvious differentiator would be the proprietary In-body Tuning System it possesses. It still uses the standard tuning machine, but it has removed the need for the headstock. This innovative design makes it easier to store the guitar lying down. It also boasts of being 28% shorter and 68% lighter compared to the standard electric guitar.


6. LyxPro

LyxPro The LyxPro is the “Best Electric Guitar Starter Pack” on our list because it is the only one we have included. As the name suggests, the guitar comes with its own set, which consists of a 20W amplifier, digital tuner, steel strings, picks, and a shoulder strap. The idea behind it is ingenious, because it removes the burden of having to purchase the other accessories separately.

Product Features

This starter set includes a basic electric guitar and its necessary accessories, like the amplifier, digital tuner, steel strings, picks, and a shoulder strap. The guitar is a LyxPro, which measures about 40 x 16.5 x 5.1 inches. The guitar weighs around 9.9 pounds, and the entire package is roughly 16.71 pounds.

The guitar is perfect for beginners. Its body and neck are made from long-lasting Canadian maple wood, and its paired with a premium rosewood fingerboard. It has three single-coil pickups that produce crisp, clean sounds. This guitar also comes with a master volume and tone control knobs located in the selector switch.

The 20W amplifier is about 11.6 x 11.2 x 4.1 inch and weighs around 5.7 pounds. It is a pretty reliable piece of equipment, but it’s not the best. It’s smaller compared to what other musicians usually use, but it’s not bad for a beginner. Its compact size makes it very easy to store as well, and it can produce a pretty decent sound even at a loud volume.

The amplifier also comes with a headphone input jack and overdrive. The digital tuner operates at a frequency of 440Hz, and its range is 0A (27.5Hz) – 8C (4186.01Hz). It comes with a set of instructions that are easy to follow, even for beginners.


  • All the essentials a beginner needs, is already part of the package.
  • The tuner works well, but it is not exceptional. For the guitar to stay in tune, it might be a good idea to replace the strings.
  • The amplifier serves its purpose. It’s small but loud. It sounds okay, as long as you are not playing at the distortion channel.
  • The sound it produces is decent for a basic guitar.
  • The guitar is lightweight, perfect for beginners who want to practice long hours.
  • It has an adjustable neck.
  • It has a tremolo bar that works fine. It keeps the intonation stable. It will also make learning riffs more enjoyable.


  • The strings are of poor quality.
  • The guitar strap is terrible, too. It is very uncomfortable. It would be best to invest in a better and more durable strap.
  • The material of the case has terrible quality. It is very thin and will not protect your guitar.
  • Some of the tone dials need replacement because it doesn’t do anything when you manipulate it.
  • The pickup is quite poor. There is too much static when you connect the guitar to the amplifier.
  • The bridge, action, and tremolo need significant adjustments to get a decent sound from it.

What Makes It Different

The most apparent distinction this has over the others on the list, is that it comes in a complete starter package. The beauty of this item is that the LyxPro comes with a reasonably decent amplifier and a tuner. This package is a good gift to young aspiring musicians, but it is not something that to intermediate or experienced players might invest in.


7. Epiphone SG-Special

Epiphone SG-Special The Les Paul guitar was reinvented in the 1960s to reflect a new look known as the SG. It is an iconic look of rock guitars, and it has been used by several legendary musicians that we idolize. This Epiphone is the “Iconic SG guitar.” It sports a stunning design at a reasonable cost, and it is one of the best electric guitars for beginners in the world.

Product Features

This particular SG-series is one of the best sellers of Epiphone, as its materials are similar to the wood used by some of the more expensive Gibson models. It has a beautiful alder body attached to a maple neck. The fingerboard is made of rosewood and has 22 medium-jumbo frets adorned with white dot inlays.

It also comes in a stunning Cherry Red color. This guitar measures about 44 x 16.5 x 4 inches, and weighs only 11 pounds. Its lightweight body is perfect for beginners and intermediate players who want to devote hours of practice to the craft. One of the key features of this guitar is its kill pot, which is often used by musicians to produce a staccato effect on their music.

However, instead of flipping your pickup selector aggressively, you now have the convenience of creating this effect by toggling with the tone pot. This tool allows you to provide the effect for a more extended period and is a better alternative to the constant switching of the pickup.

It also comes with Epiphone’s trademark “Tune-o-Matic” bridge and stop bar, which provides you with decent sustain, exceptional resonance, and more extended tuning stability. It also has a master volume and tone knob and a three-way pickup selector switch that also gives you a lot of sound variety.


  • It is a beautiful guitar that is very affordable.
  • The craftsmanship is stunning. The frets were very shiny and smooth, and there are no sharp ends.
  • The guitar is narrow, lightweight, and comfortable to play. Despite that, it is made of very sturdy wood, so it’s guaranteed to last long.
  • The volume and tone knobs are responsive.
  • It has fabulous playability, and it will be fun to rock out on this guitar.
  • It sounds great – even when in overdrive; however, it does not sound so spectacular when it’s on the clean channel.
  • It has a great bass tone that is very characteristic of an SG.


  • You will have to make a few adjustments once the guitar is delivered to you. The intonation can be off on some strings, but it can easily be tuned.
  • The pickup is a bit too high, which did not give off a pleasant sound.
  • The tuners are okay. Some owners of this model recommend wrapping the strings on the pegs to get the best results.
  • The strings are not the best quality, so you will want to change that to maximize the sound.
  • Some claim that it does not feel or sound like a mid-range Epiphone.

What Makes It Different

This guitar’s “double cut-away design” makes it easy for beginners to learn how to do fast tempo string bending and chord progressions that make playing so enjoyable. It is perfect for solos and intricate chord work. We believe this instrument is built for shredding and could be one of the best shred guitars in the market.


8. Epiphone Les Paul

Epiphone Les Paul This Epiphone guitar allows you to own a “real” Les Paul. It is the “Affordable Les Paul” because it essentially gives you all of the elements of the original iconic design at a fraction of the cost. It is a handsome piece of equipment that is lighter than the other Les Pauls, making it a great beginner’s guitar.

Product Features

Two factors that drastically increase the cost of an electric guitar are age and brand. Vintage instruments are more expensive, because its age gives it a premium over the newer models. If you are the type who loves this sort of thing, the Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar might be perfect for you.

It gives you a semblance of a vintage instrument, as it comes in a classic Les Paul shape. Add to that the beautiful Sunburst design that is reminiscent of the models used by our favorite rock legends. This guitar measures about 45 x 17 x 7 inches, and its weight is about 10 pounds.

Its body is made of durable and stable mahogany wood and paired with a bolt-on mahogany neck. It has a smooth rosewood fingerboard that comprises of 22 frets. The artistry on this masterpiece is close to the work of the more expensive Gibson models.

This instrument has the Epiphone 700T/650R humbuckers that control the hum, giving you a cleaner output with a more intensified sustain. The 700T bridge is also smooth but can give you a nice growl when needed. Its combination of lows and highs give you a vibrant, well-rounded sound.


  • This guitar is gorgeous. It has smooth frets, a straight neck, and a beautiful finish on its body.
  • For the look and quality of this instrument, you will get value for your money.
  • It feels and sounds more like a professional guitar than a beginner’s.
  • The pickups and bridge used are similar to the ones found in the more expensive Epiphone models.
  • The balance is great.
  • Once tuned, this guitar offers excellent tonality.
  • The body’s contour is sexy, its color is beautiful, and the gloss is perfect. It looks modern and classic at the same time.
  • The volume knob is easy to use; it is not too tight, nor is it loose.
  • The switches are far enough that it doesn’t distract the player.
  • Its two open-coil humbucker pickups help you produce full, rich tones.
  • The sustain is fantastic for a budget guitar.
  • The control layout is not confusing. It makes it more efficient for young players.


The bridge cannot adjust the string height individually. Tone adjustments are simplified, which is expected, given the cost. Strings are quite light, so you will have to change it if you prefer heavier strings on your guitar. It will also merit a truss rod adjustment to fix the tension.

What Makes This Different

The “Affordable Les Paul” is a guitar that is worth every penny that you will spend on it. It allows you to own a guitar with the iconic Les Paul design. It’s a huge plus that its sound is intense, it is easy to manage, it’s stunning to look at, and it fits your budget.

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9. Yamaha Pacifica Series

Yamaha Pacifica Series Yamaha is a Japanese brand and another household name in the music industry. It is one of the best electric guitar brands in the world, having produced a variety of excellent instruments throughout its illustrious history. The Yamaha Pacifica, in particular, is probably one of the best shred guitars you can get below 300 USD.

The Pacifica series is also a very versatile piece of equipment that can produce tones that apply to various genres and styles. It has several pickup configurations that give you flexibility and has overall excellent playability. We can dub this model as the “Perfect Pacifica.”

Product Features

This stunning Yamaha Pacifica measures about 47.8 x 17.9 x 4.1 inches and weighs at an estimated 13.23 pounds. Its body is premium alder wood, which is characteristic of more expensive guitar models. It has a slender, C-shaped neck made of maple and a beautiful rosewood fingerboard.

The neck, in particular, is exquisite. It is bolted on to the body, giving you great resonance and tonal variety. It is very smooth, built for great solos, chord progressions, and shredding. It is also very responsive and playable, making fretwork truly delightful for beginners and intermediate players.

The “Perfect Pacifica” also comes with a versatile 5-way switching for H-S-S pickup configuration. It provides you with diverse sounds that are ranging from crisp, thin highs, to a robust midrange, and even a rich, rounded low growl. This feature also allows you to have a prominent strumming sound, whether at the clean or distortion channel.

This guitar also has a vintage designed tremolo furnished with block saddles that helps you deliver an enhanced sustain. Yamaha is one of the best manufacturers of instruments in the world. This particular model is considered a mid-range guitar, but its features are comparable to the more expensive Yamaha models, because of the artistry of its body and the electronics it possesses.


  • It is a reasonably priced Yamaha.
  • This model is a stunning masterpiece crafted beautifully. There are no rough edges, and the levels are perfect.
  • The body is very lightweight, and handling it is quite easy and comfortable. Beginners and intermediate players are likely to enjoy this instrument.
  • The fretboard is sleek and smooth. It is responsive, which makes it perfect for solos and other elaborate fretwork.
  • The alder body also allows the guitar to produce a rich, well-rounded tone.
  • The humbucker and two single-coil combination works well and offers you more versatility in the production of tones and sounds.
  • The humbucker is at the bridge and allows you to achieve a strong distortion.
  • This guitar is perfect for shredding.
  • It looks like a Strat, but it isn’t one.
  • The intonation can be sustained well. There will be no problems even when you’re playing for a long time, except maybe when using the whammy bar.


  • The tremolo can cause the strings to go out of tune.
  • The tuners are okay, but it could be better.
  • Needs a professional to set it up, which will cost additional.
  • There is fret buzz, which you will have to fix.

What Makes It Different

It’s quality is stunning, and it allows for quick, seamless finger action. Even if this is a budget Yamaha, you still get a high-quality instrument at a sensible cost. It’s a beautiful shred guitar that young musicians will enjoy. Overall, you are getting a beautiful guitar that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.


10. Squier

Squier The Squier tops our list. It is the “Perfect 10”, because it offers the best value for your money in terms of design, sound production, and overall playability of the instrument. It boasts of professional features that even an experienced musician will enjoy playing it. It is by far the best electric guitar for beginners in the market today.

Product Details

The Squier Affinity Series comes in a beautiful butterscotch blond color. It measures about 44.5 x 4 x 14.5 inches and weighs 9.92 pounds. This model is faithful to the look, feel, and tone of a Tele, but is significantly cheaper. This guitar is made of premium materials.

Its body is alder, which is a strong and stable wood that offers exceptional sustain and resonance. The neck and fingerboard are made of maple, whose grain markings add to the overall aesthetic appeal. It is very lightweight, and it is possible to play it for an extended period without straining your arms, legs or back.

The neck has a modern C shape and possesses 21 frets. It is buffed to perfection, and its smooth surface is heavenly to touch. It allows a musician to play complicated techniques with ease and comfort. The Squier has two single-coil Telecaster pickups.

So even this budget guitar can play the iconic tone characteristic of the original Tele solid body guitars. It also has the top-load bridge, that makes changing strings more manageable and allows for the best tuning stability. The craftsmanship and electronic hardware used in this model are made and designed by Fender, which makes its the top in its class.


  • Its tones can be bright, full and bold, or loud and powerful.
  • It has knobs that allow you to control the volume and tones. The layout makes it easy for beginners to learn and operate effortlessly.
  • The neck is smooth, which makes it perfect for shredding.
  • String bends and strumming all sound great.
  • The guitar requires minimal adjustment from the start. Intonation was perfect out of the box.
  • Its playability is beyond excellent and offers a very versatile tone.
  • The tuners are of excellent quality, and the guitar stays in tune even after prolonged use.
  • Very sturdy, well balanced, and durable.
  • Great resonance and sustain.
  • It has the six-saddle top-loaded Telecaster bridge. This feature allows you to change the strings with ease. It allows for a more effortless adjustment to help improve the intonation of the guitar.


  • The sound is not as rich as the more expensive Fenders, but that is not surprising.
  • String spacing at the upper part of the neck has too much dramatic effect and could pose a problem on overall playability. It’s not easy to use for those with stubby fingers.
  • The frets are a bit rough and need some buffing
  • Once the volume is cranked up, there are hints of humming.

What Makes It Different

The Squire is the “Perfect 10” because of how impressive the guitar is. It has Fender’s DNA and reflects its classic and timeless style. It has a beautiful Telecaster shape which is the “single-cutaway” body, and it exudes a fantastic vintage appeal. Its cost is low, but the materials used are high-end.

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All the guitars we listed here were created by the best electric guitar brands in the world. They are all reasonably priced, exceed expectations, and are beautifully crafted. Each one has distinct strengths and weaknesses. Not one of them is 100% perfect, but they all have something special in them that may not be present in others.

The choice is now up to you. The decision you will make will ultimately depend on the characteristics you want to prioritize. Determine if its the iconic look, the hardware used, its playability, or the rich, sultry tones it produces is what is most crucial to you as a musician. In a way, the guitar you will choose becomes an extension and expression of yourself.

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