Best Ukulele For Beginners 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Kala2. Hola!3.  Donner
Kala KALA-LTP-S Ukulele Best Ukulele For BeginnersHola! M-21BU UkuleleDonner DUC-1 Ukulele

If you are a young aspiring musician, or someone who is just starting out in the field of music, the last thing you want is to pick up something that is too difficult to master and face disappointment. What you really need is something simple enough to get you invested in the craft. That way, you will be able to move ahead and continue your learning with confidence.

Now to help you with this choice, one instrument that is notoriously simple and easy to learn is the ukulele. This is why you often keep hearing about the best ukulele for beginners. They are simply great when it comes to the learning curve and often end up being the entry level tool for a lot of musicians these days.


Why The Ukulele

The advantages of the ukulele are numerous. First up, it has only four strings, which makes it much simpler than a regular guitar which by the way, has six strings. It is also much smaller in size giving it the portability factor, that is you can carry it anywhere you want with ease.

It barely weighs anything, so carrying it on your back or in your hands should not ever be a problem. It is also cheaper and can actually play most of the music that you can play on a standard guitar.

1. Easy To Learn

Now the next best thing about the ukulele is that it is so much easier to get into than some of the other instruments out there. You must often hear about people giving a good number of years into learning and mastering some instrument, such as the tabla or the drum set, and that actually works out great for those musicians.

But if you are into learning the uke, the good news is that you don’t have to spend that much time. All you need is a little patience and a couple weeks’ worth of time and you will be well on your way to be a splendid ukulele player.

2. Fit For All

Another great fact is that the uke works great for both beginner and seasoned musicians. If you are a beginner, it is not hard to guess why it is the perfect instrument for you. There is the ease of learning, the easily available tutorials and just the sheer convenience associated.

If you are an experienced musician on the other hand, then the uke works great for you too. Since it is such a simple instrument, it would not go against anything you have learnt so far in your musical career. You won’t have to put too much effort into it, neither would you have to unlearn anything first. And just like that, you would have another instrument to add to your list of musical talents.

The uke can also be bought pretty cheap, especially when you compare it to some other heavy-duty instruments. The first thing that comes to mind is definitely the drum set, which can cost quite a lot depending on what brand you are going for. There is also the guitar, which although much cheaper, is still more expensive than the ukulele.

3. Easier Chords And Frets

Now the first aspect of learning that you will encounter whenever you start with any stringed instrument are perhaps the chords. There are quite a few of them depending on the instrument you are learning, and beginner artists are often wary of them, as they aren’t quite able to memorize them all from the get-go. And it is not just about memorizing the chords, but also the fact that you must know how and when to change them rapidly.

If you are not able to handle your chords effectively, you would naturally have a tough time playing any songs. Songs are inherently composed of a combination of chords, sometimes even the complex ones. And that is why once you start learning, chords are perhaps one of the first things you will be asked to master.

Now the reason we just had this discussion is because although ukes cannot help you with the learning part of the process, they do certainly make it easier when it comes to playing. Ukuleles have a narrower neck when you compare them to guitars and other stringed instruments, and that makes it very easy for players to change chords.

When chord changes are smoother, the song or tune that you are playing will inadvertently come out much more enjoyable and clearer. Another advantage is the fact that most of the chords that you will end up playing with the uke are very conveniently located in the first five frets. That way, your hand movements are much more relaxed and not too far reaching, which is just what beginner musicians will want to have.

Buyer Guide

1. See If It Fits

The first thing you need to do before you buy the best beginner ukulele is actually make sure that it is indeed a good fit for you. Think about how you would go about if you were buying clothes. Undoubtedly, first you will perform a visual inspection, and then if necessary, try the clothes on in a trial room before finally settling on the decision to make the purchase or not. Similarly, for ukuleles, we urge you to follow an identical process.

See if you can find a friend or a relative who already owns one. Ask them if you can borrow it for a day and just try freestyling on it for a bit. Just run your fingers through the strings and see if you like it. Also focus on the sounds and try to gauge if they excite you and motivate you to produce more music. Please note that this advice is focused more on beginner musicians, as experienced artists are more likely to know better and have a good idea on what kind of an instrument will suit them best.

Now if you are having trouble finding a uke or a uke owner around yourself, we recommend you search online. We are sure there are some pretty decent simulators online where you can play the uke virtually. Now although that method will not give you the physical inspection and handling experience you were initially going for, it will help you get a good idea of the kind of sounds you will be able to produce.

Now after this little trial period, which can either be a day or even a week if you are particularly unsure, you will know for sure if you want to pursue this instrument or not. If you do, just go ahead and buy it without a second thought. If you don’t feel like taking it up just yet, that is also cool, because you have not spent any money yet, so you can simply move on with your life.

2. Check Your Budget

Now similar to a lot of other things, ukuleles also come in a diverse range of prices. There are the cheap ones, which are slightly less dependable, and then there are the highly expensive ones, which are more or less a guarantee for quality. You, however, would be best off if you find the middle ground somewhere.

What this means is that you must find a uke which is neither too expensive nor too cheap and yet carries all the essential properties we are looking for. It also must be durable enough that it does not break easily and most importantly, the sound must come out sharp and clear.

3. Know How Much You’ll Spend

It is always a good idea to set your budget up front. That way, you will not end up spending excessively when you go to the store or start browsing online. If you already have a pre-set budget, chances are that you will use it as a filter when you are picking out options.

This not just saves you money, but also saves you from the unlimited number of options that are available in the markets. Since you don’t have to look at so many different models, you don’t have to spend so much time shopping.

Now one thing we want to stress here is that the uke is not an expensive instrument in any way. It comes cheap and the classes that you would probably take to learn it will be relatively cheaper. If nothing else works, you can simply go online and start learning from tutorial websites, just like many new and upcoming musicians are doing these days.

4. Average Costs

Now a good quality standard uke would cost you anywhere between 2500 to 3000 rupees. You can however, always go higher or lower, depending on your budget. Some brands offer good quality ukes for as less as 2000 bucks. Going any lower however, would be venturing into risky territory. You can also go higher if you are looking for some specific functionalities or features that you are not able to find in the standard and less expensive products.

There are, as always, benefits to going a little higher and spending more. Along with better quality and more durability, ukes which lie on the expensive side also have the advantage of holding tuning better. What this means is that once you tune your instrument, it won’t easily lose it and will last that way for a long time.

5. Tuning Problems

This is actually a major problem that a lot of musicians face, irrespective of whether they are amateur or experienced. When you first buy an instrument, and we are talking about stringed instruments here, it is quite obvious that it would be untuned.

The first thing that customers are often advised to do is to tune their instruments. And to do that, some brands often provide their customers with a tuner completely free of cost. Using the electrical tuner, which mostly comes with a digital display, it becomes very easy to tune your instrument.

However, the problem arises when this tuning does not hold at all. Merely a couple days or even less after you tune your instrument, you may find that it has lost its tuning and needs to be adjusted again. High end ukes, on the other hand, often do not face this problem and are able to hold tuning much better.

6. Higher Motivation

Now there is another reason why you would want to buy a best starter ukulele which is slightly more expensive. This one however, does not have anything to do with the instrument itself but is purely philosophical. In case you are a beginner musician, and this uke is going to be your first instrument, then chances are that you need a good deal of motivation to push through and actually learn the instrument.

Since it can sometimes be a long process, it is quite easy to lose motivation in the middle and just give up. In fact, this is exactly what happens to a lot of young musicians. Although not 100% guaranteed, a method of making sure that this does not happen is to spend more money on your uke.

When you do that, you will automatically feel guilty if you do not learn the instrument through and through and give up midway. You would want to extract your money’s worth out of it no matter how difficult it seems to learn. Believe it or not, money can actually be a great motivator when it comes to learning new skills.

Now if you were not satisfied with that, and still need more convincing why you should spend anything more INR 2500 on a uke, here is another reason for you. Now this may not be an important feature for all, but as said before, if you are really looking to fine tune your purchase and don’t mind spending more, then you need to listen to this.

7. Better Wood And Details

Expensive ukes which ramp up the price considerably compared to cheap ones, often come with solid wood instead of laminate wood or plastic. Now the great thing about solid wood is that the tonal characteristics of the instrument built with it tend to be richer and fuller. Different kinds of woods have different tonal characteristics and specifications.

There are some woods which are rarer than the others, which again has a direct effect on the price. More expensive ukuleles such as the ones that come from best ukulele brands for beginners, as a side note, may also be handmade or have finer detailing such as pearl inlays.

Another fact is that the higher-priced ukes tend to have better quality tuners, which just means the ukulele will stay in tune for longer periods of time as already explained before. All of these different things combined factor into the price of a ukulele.

8. Cheap is Not Always Bad

Having said all of this, it is important to mention here that you don’t have to go absolutely crazy and buy the most expensive ukulele you can find. Please don’t do that – especially if you are a beginner musician.

The points that we have laid out above must serve as a general guide and as a rule of thumb. However, there is no guarantee that an expensive uke will always turn out to be much better in quality and specs than a relatively cheaper one.

There are some pretty great models available even at lesser prices, most of which we will be discussing here today. While the fact that you get what you pay for is true, it doesn’t always apply in these cases.

Top 10 Best Ukulele For Beginners 2020

1. Kala KALA-LTP-S Ukulele

Kala KALA-LTP-S Ukulele Best Ukulele For Beginners

Kala is a brand that is easily recognized the world over for their amazing musical instruments and all-round quality and brand assurance. They have been in the business for long enough to know exactly what the customers want and can give it to them with their range of musical instruments.

While they deal in all kinds of products, one of their most successful ones is certainly the ukulele. When it comes to ukes, they are recognized as a world leader in terms of the quality, sound clarity and overall toughness of the instrument.

When you buy a product from them, you know you are investing in one of the best. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction can’t be doubted, and one of the many highlights of their brand is that they make consumers their top priority. The Kala brand of ukuleles, known for the highest quality of instruments, is easily the most recognized and desired ukulele brands in the world.

A great testimony to this fact is that Kala ukuleles are the instruments of choice for major schools and institutions where music is taught. Across the world, more people learn to play all kinds of music on a Kala uke than any other generic ukulele brand.

If you happen to buy this product, you will gain access to a kit, which includes a Kala logo tote bag which would come in very handy for carrying your instrument, a 20-page Quick Start Guide with all the information you would need about your new ukulele, and also all of the tips you will need to get started on playing the instrument.

If you are a beginner musician, this quick start guide can serve as the perfect launch pad for you. If all of that is not enough, you will even learn to play whole songs in a matter of minutes, with Kala’s free and yet easy to follow online lessons which are accessible through the Kala Brand Music website.

As for the product itself, it is a high-quality and beautiful Mahogany Soprano Ukulele with a traditional Polynesian Shark Teeth laser etched rosette, Aquila strings from Italy, quality open gear tuners, and GraphTech NuBone nut and saddle.

As the brand reinforces with all of their products, the uke is such a great instrument to begin on for younger musicians, because you don’t need a lot of accessories to start playing or even become successful. The brand promises that it can help the young musicians get in tune and start playing songs starting today.

To further convince you on why Kala ukes are the best, you need to know that these instruments are actually played by some of the most renowned and famous players around the world including, Twenty One Pilots, Dodie, Vance Joy, The Ukulele Teacher, EatMyUke and Zac Brown.

Finally, this one is a Soprano ukulele, which is in fact the most common size of the instrument available, and also the most convenient. It has the shortest scale length and also the tightest fret spacing – tuned G C E A, in that particular order.


2. Hola! M-21BU Ukulele

Hola! M-21BU Ukulele

Just like the cheerful name of the brand, the music you would end up producing with this instrument would be just as chirpy and fun. It is a great brand which focuses on its customers and puts them first. They have great products as well, which usually come with a very fun and aesthetic vibe.

If you end up buying a product from them, chances are that you will love it with all your heart, as it won’t be much of a stretch to say that their products have a personality of their own. They are fun and aesthetic and it would be very cool to own and flaunt one of them.

Additionally, these products are also very high on quality and the sound produced is top notch. As far as the ukes are concerned, they produce beautiful soprano ukes, which are easy to play and great to look at.

Along with the Hola! Music HM-21BU Soprano Ukulele, the things you will get are the Canvas Tote Bag which is again excellent to carry around the instrument in and a strap, and picks to make your play time much easier. This particular model comes in a refreshing blue color which totally stands out and will instantly make you a crowd favorite.

The top, back and sides of the uke are all constructed of maple, which is one of the finest quality wood, and then painted in a variety of beautiful colors, including blue – which happens to be the color for this one. The fingerboard and bridge are constructed of rosewood, which again reinforces the durability of the instrument and makes it last long.

The uke is equipped with white nylon strings, which are strong and not easily broken and silver geared tuners, which can be twisted in order to tune the instrument. There are 12 silver nickel frets with fret position marks at 5th, 7th and 10th frets for your convenience on top of the fingerboard.

It has been especially crafted to allow you to create beautiful and pitch-perfect music. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying this for yourself or someone else, this ukulele is easily the best gift you can buy. Guaranteeing quality and affordability, Hola! Music is certainly a brand worth taking a shot for.


3. Donner DUC-1 Ukulele

Donner DUC-1 Ukulele

The Donner Concert Ukulele is a great product with amazing sound and a great durable body. It is a well-rounded instrument that comes with amazing features, and is so much convenient to play for amateur and experienced musicians alike.

It is also quite nice to look at and will fit in nicely if you choose to hang it somewhere in your room. It is a traditional concert ukulele with a mahogany body, which is one of the finest qualities of woods and is responsible for increased strength and durability, and four advanced carbon nylon strings.

The advantage that you get from having advanced carbon nylon strings, is that they won’t break easily even under strenuous playing. It is quite well known among guitarists and other stringed instrument players that it is very easy for you to break the strings of your instrument if you are not careful while playing it.

Fortunately, with these strings, you won’t have to worry about that. The mahogany body and neck of the ukulele, as described earlier, bring you a much richer and brighter sound, while the Rosewood fingerboard and bridge provide a comfortable playing feel that you can’t expect from other instruments which lack these features.

While the instrument itself is exceedingly smooth and accurate, Donner has also patented chrome-plated guitar style tuners, which are used in all of its products and work pretty well in order to keep your ukulele always in tune.

Another point worth mentioning here is that once you tune your instrument, you won’t have to worry about losing it anytime soon – which is what happens with some other lower quality ukes in the market.

There are 18 brass frets with fret position marks at 5th, 7th, 10th and 12th frets on neck and top of fingerboard for the player’s convenience. The product itself comes with a ukulele bag for carrying it around, a ukulele strap so that it is much easier for you to play, carbon nylon strings, a digital clip-on tuner, which is a very accurate instrument for you to help with tuning the ukulele, and also 4 pieces of guitar picks as an added surprise.


4. Everjoys Soprano Ukulele

Everjoys Soprano Ukulele

This one is another great product that comes with all of the accessories, and is just perfectly equipped to give you the musical experience you want. It lets you get familiar with the most unique and melodious sounds of the Hawaiian region, with the elite and complete ukulele starter pack.

In fact, you don’t even have to worry about the fact that you are a complete beginner in the craft, because this instrument allows you to teach yourself and become an expert without any external help – all thanks to the all-inclusive beginner’s kit that comes with it.

It includes a 21″ ukulele, which is strong and durable and looks good as well, a digital tuner which will help you to tune your instrument accurately, and also comes with a digital display to make the process easier, along with a strap which makes it much more convenient for you to play.

Finally, a How-To-Play songbook which will serve as the perfect beginner’s guide for young musicians is also provided. There is also a carrying bag that comes with the instrument, in case you will be travelling a lot and need something to carry the uke in.

The brand boasts of their amazing 21″ traditional soprano ukulele and its magnificent build, which actually combines basswood for the body, making it extra tough and gives it enhanced durability, solid wood for the neck and blackwood for the fingerboard and bridge. The strings are nylon, making them nearly unbreakable no matter how hard you play them.

Also, the design is eco-friendly – which is a much-needed trait in these times and will make this one your favorite musical instrument. Now another major highlight of this product that you won’t always find in other products from the same bracket, is that this Everjoys soprano ukulele features multi-color strings, and each of these strings represents a different note.

This is actually a great way to ensure that you remember your notes and their placement effectively, and is particularly useful for beginner players. It even speeds up the learning process considerably in most cases.

As is the case with most string instruments, there will be a period of time initially where they will be adjusting to it and such, but if you continue to tune it every time it goes out of tune, eventually you will find that it has adjusted perfectly and doesn’t need periodic tuning any more.

Now as mentioned before, there are a lot of accessories that come along with this ukulele. Please note that all of these have been provided to make your learning much easier and more fun.

The ukulele beginners set includes a 21″ soprano ukulele, which is the instrument itself, a handy digital tuner to tune the uke, a colorful strap to carry it around, a fun How-To-Play songbook to let you learn easily, two spare picks to make playing easier for you, a spare string, a microfiber polishing cloth which will help you keep the uke clean and shiny at all times, a durable convenient bag to carry it around, a printed box and a message card. Well, those are frankly enough reasons why you should just buy this ukulele now.

Another thing to note is that the ukulele has become quite popular as a musical instrument in recent times, especially so amongst teenagers, and so this provides the perfect opportunity for you to give your child the chance to learn how to play the ukulele easily with this intelligently designed, simple and innovative beginner’s set rather than splurging a considerable amount of money on costly lessons from a tutor.


5. Aquila Concert Ukulele

Aquila Concert Ukulele

If you are a beginner artist just starting out in the field of music, this ukulele starter kit is just about perfect for you. This could prove to be not just an instrument, but a learning experience for you. It comes with a Ranch UK-23 Concert ukulele with the Aquila string installed, a 10 mm gig bag which will come in super handy when you are carrying the instrument around, and a digital tuner with battery installed, which actually works great for when you want to tune the instrument.

There is also an extra set of 4 Aquila strings provided, which carry the advantage that they are super tough, not easy to break and will last in the same undamaged condition for a very long time.

You also get a strap with which you can hang the ukulele around your neck and play it in a much more convenient manner and finally, a polishing cloth which will always help you in keeping the instrument clean and shiny. The brand boasts of the highest quality materials that have been used in manufacturing the instrument, such as the 23-inch concert ukulele top, back, and sides which are made from the Sapele wood – which is not just elegant but also quite tough and robust.

Since this stringed instrument’s body has been fashioned from Sapele, it exhibits a pleasingly warmer and much darker tone than that produced by a more conventional wood combination which you would find in other products from the same bracket.

Another informative suggestion made by the brand is that whilst shopping for a Hawaiian ukulele, you must not shop by price, since cheap beginner ukuleles can be of pretty bad quality and the music they produce can turn out to be completely off the mark. In contrast, this concert ukulele sounds pretty much like a high-end professional ukulele.

This will in fact become quite evident once you spend a few minutes jamming with this instrument. Furthermore, this product can turn out to be the perfect gifting option in case you know anyone that likes playing guitar or even someone that just loves music. It is even great and works best for putting up a show for birthdays, Christmas, housewarming parties, graduation gifts and so much more.

No matter what the age, the product turns out perfect for adults and kids alike, who are just getting started with music and ukuleles. Finally, and this is a promise that you won’t probably find elsewhere, the brand states that you are eligible to opt for a full refund or replacement within one month, if in case you are not satisfied with the product or end up not liking it for any valid reason. No questions whatsoever will be asked.


6. Balnna Soprano Ukulele

Balnna Soprano Ukulele

If you are a fan of great sound quality, then this is the product for you. Balnna is one of the best ukulele brands for intermediate as well as beginner players that truly showcases what it means to have a benchmark for quality and customer satisfaction.

And so, the ultimate dolphin Hawaii ukulele which is available at a surprisingly low price and is best suited for people who love music will turn out to be just the thing you were looking for. There are a limited number of these products, which means the prices could always rise, so we suggest that you get your shopping done as soon as possible.

The Soprano category of the ukulele is the most traditional one at a size of 21 inches or 53.5 cm. It is also the most commonly used since people often prefer a smaller size as compared to clunkier and more difficult to handle models. It comes with the classic ukulele sound and is in fact great for the very young, adults or even elementary school age children.

As far as the build is concerned, it has been manufactured with Tiger grain maple wood which is great for enhanced durability and offers great sustainability and a good separation, with ample amount of warmth. The value of maple is higher than the price of mahogany and rosewood and that should give you a good indication of why this product is built the way it is and why it happens to be so sturdy.

Aquila strings have been used instead of your traditional nylon strings and that is great as well, since the Aquila strings are also graded and offer increased toughness and unbreakable qualities. There are also handmade ABS 4 color bindings, which again offer a high degree of user convenience.

A major reason why you should consider buying this product is because many professional players actually now are fully committed to choosing Balnna Soprano Ukulele because of its quality and uniqueness.

Finally, the gig bag that you get along with the product is decently strong and has two straps attached in a backpack slung-over-two-shoulders sort of way. It is quite evident that with good maintenance it can be used for as long as 10 years or even more.

The best part about the gig bag is probably that it has a zip all the way around, and so it’s very easy to take your ukulele out. Finally, if you seem to get tired of carrying your ukulele in your hands all the time, it also has a handle for you to hold it from.


7. Kasch MUH-508 Ukulele

Kasch MUH-508 Ukulele

Kasch MUH-508 26 Inch Tenor Exquisite Zebra Wood Ukulele is just about the perfect instrument if you are a beginner or an aspiring musician. It captures all of the qualities that an amateur would look for, such as ease of playing, convenient handling and more. It is also extra tough and strong, which means it would take a lot for you to actually break it or damage it in any way.

Even the build of the guitar has been designed in a way that it guarantees added toughness and security. It is made out of rosewood and thus it grabs your attention easily, due to the compact design. Another advantage of the design is that it is highly portable, that is, you can take it anywhere you want with ease and not feel burdened because of the weight or size.

Like we said before, if you are a beginner level musician, then this is the perfect solution for you in case you want to learn to play the guitar or any other stringed instrument. Now the sound produced by this ukulele will always be of the highest quality and will not disappoint you in any way.

It features an easily accessible fret board and a neck that has been built keeping in mind that young musicians often face problems changing their chords. Due to the compact design, there will not be much hand movements involved, thus giving the players the initial boost of confidence that they need to carry on practicing and mastering the instrument.

As for the strings, they are built keeping in mind that players often face broken strings due to either a weak build or plucking them too hard. This is the reason why the ones used in this ukulele have been reinforced and strengthened so that they don’t break easily. In case you are not buying it for yourself, it can also serve as the perfect gifting option for any of your family or friends.


8. Apelila Wood Ukulele

Apelila Wood Ukulele

This one is not just great at making music but also looks great. If you are a performer or aspiring to become one, rest assured that this instrument will make you an instant eye catcher and crowd favorite. It is built sturdily and has all the features you would need as a beginner. It is not just pretty to look at, but also well made when it comes to the design.

It is manufactured using high quality Basswood and nylon strings. Due to the toughness of the nylon strings, you won’t see them break easily, and as a result will not be facing any problems while playing. All these features and build specs make the tone of this ukulele bright and smooth. And it is not just the ukulele that you will be getting with this purchase.

You will also get the accessories that you would definitely need in order to complement the uke and make the learning process much easier. Among the things you would get are a set of 4 strings, a high-quality ukulele bag which you can use to carry it around, in case you plan to travel a lot, and finally 2 finger picks which would make playtime easier – especially for beginners.

Another highlight of the instrument is that it is suitable for beginners or professionals alike, ranging from children all the way to adults. If you would like to start your musical career or are simply interested in the ukulele, then this is the best choice for you. Finally, as a guarantee and a testimony of the brand’s promises, you can always claim a full refund, which will be made timely in case you are not satisfied with this item in any way.


9. ADM Adult Ukulele Concert

ADM Adult Ukulele Concert

This one looks professional and is in fact one that is used exclusively by a lot of professional musicians and artists. With features that are perfect for beginners, and subtle craftsmanship that is exactly what professionals need, this ukulele is perfectly equipped to service all kinds of customers.

The brand itself is one that you can place your trust in, and it is well known that they prioritize their customers’ complaints and problems and work on them to resolve them as soon as possible. This one is a Koa concert ukulele – which is what is preferred by a lot of users all over the world, with traditional Hawaiian laser etched rosette which not just looks great, but also gives the uke a shiny finish.

Along with the gloss finish, you also get Aquila Super Nylgut strings from Italy. The reason why these strings have been imported all the way from Italy is because young musicians often have to face this problem where they end up with broken strings. This could either be because they were plucking them too hard or because the strings were weak to begin with.

Luckily for you, you won’t have to worry about that as the Aquila Super Nylgut strings in this instrument won’t break away easily and will last for a very long time. As for the build, there is the mahogany body and neck, which bring you a richer and brighter sound along with the walnut wood fingerboard and bridge which provide a comfortable playing feel.

There are 18 brass frets with fret position marks at 5th, 7th, 10th and 12th frets on the neck and the top of the fingerboard for the player’s convenience.

As far as the accessories that come with the uke are concerned, you will get a gig bag, a teaching CD so that you can effectively learn how to play all by yourself, an extra set of Italian Aquila strings which will help you in case you ever end up breaking the pair that has already been installed, a strap to help you carry the instrument, a fingerboard sticker, a tuner and picks. Finally, you also get as much as one year’s worth of manufacturer’s warranty against defects or damages.


10. Tiger UKE7 Ukulele

Tiger UKE7 Ukulele

This one easily proves to be a great launch pad for young musicians and artists who want to make it big in the music industry. It comes with features that are especially geared towards young musicians and will help them with the learning process, by making it much simpler and convenient.

However, that is not to say that experienced and professional artists can’t benefit from this instrument, as it works great for them too. It is also an ideal starter instrument for both adults and children alike. It has been fitted with easy to press down nylon strings, ideal for younger players.

The reason why we say this, is because nylon strings are known for their rigidity and strength. With the added toughness, you won’t ever have to face a situation where you end up with broken strings because of playing too hard.

The ukulele features geared machine heads for much more accurate and longer lasting tuning. That is indeed a problem which a lot of musicians face with stringed instruments, because they keep on losing their tuning just a short time after they have been tuned. Luckily, that is not a problem you will be facing with this one



While playing a ukulele might be a tricky process for some, especially when it comes to the learning part, buying a ukulele certainly doesn’t have to be. All you need is to do a little research and read up on some reviews, and you will be all set to choose an instrument for yourself. Just remember that there are certain features like toughness, sound clarity and portability that you cannot compromise with.

As long as you have all of those, there is no way that the instrument you buy will be in any way unsuitable for you. Finally, if you still end up feeling a little confused and lost, you can always consult the handy guide we have compiled for you above and ace that purchase pretty easily.

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